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The Book of Halloween

THE BOOK OF HALLOWEEN A LITTLE ILLUSTRATED HANDBOOK For a successful Halloween! THE HALLOWEEN JACK O'LANTERN PUMPKIN The Jack O'Lantern is a traditional part of the Halloween festivities. It's a pumpkin carved with a grotesque face, hollowed out and lit from inside by a candle. Jack comes from an old Irish legend. SOUP ASKING FOR CANDY In English-speaking countries, on the night of Halloween the children wear costumes and go from door to door asking for sweets with the question "Trick or treat?" TRICK OR RECIPE FOR SEVERED FINGERS TREAT! DON'T FORGET YOUR BAG! HALLOWEEN AROUND THE WORLD In Russia, Halloween is called the "Cult of Death". The Japanese celebrate "Obon" in the middle of August, with paper lanterns which they float down rivers. 10 mn Bon appetit! EVIL PANCAKES x2 220 °C 30 mn The witch was protected from the forces of darkness by her "familiar", a black cat. WITCHES' SABBATH When the moon is full, witches climb onto their broomsticks and fly off to the Witches' Sabbath. Tradition has it that the Sabbath was held in a forest clearing or a heath, near a spring. HALLOWEEN COSTUMES To become a real witch, there are some essential accessories.. Some tips and tricks for SPELLS making Halloween costumes. THE DRESS THE BOOK OF SPELLS THE BROOMSTICK HALLOWEEN COLORS Orange, to remind us of the colours of Autumn. Black, for the shadows of the night. THE POINTY HAT THE ORANGE AND BLACK STOCKINGS THE MAGIC CAULDRON DO IT YOURSELF! BLACK CARDBOARD x2 TIP With black paper, you can make yourself witch's fingernails! PUMPKIN HALLOWEEN COSTUME AROUND THE WORLD In Mexico the Santa Muerte (the Day of the Dead) is an important event. SPIDER BRACELÉT Felt collar An old pair of sneakers A CLASSIC THE GHOST Two holes for the eyes Two holes for the arms A ghost without a ball and chain isn't a real ghost Make some more rings and staple them. x20 Make a ring and staple it. CARDBOARD 15x3 CM Staple a balloon to the end of the chain. COSTUME FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE Ski-mask or cap They say that on October 31st, the Black polo shirt Black trousers dead come to visit the living HALLOWEEN A DEVILISH AROUND THE WORLD ACCESSORY In the Netherlands, Halloween is called Sint Maarten and it takes place on November 11th in honour of Saint Martin, a man known for his generosity. 000 x2 Wings in black cardboard 3 You've got to pumpkin up! BAT GLASSES BLACK CARDBOARD And you've got some terrifying glasses for Halloween! TIP You can stick your bat onto some real glasses! HAUNTED HOUSE LANTERN The château of Combourg, made famous by Chateaubriand, is haunted by the ghost of a cat. BLACK CARDBOARD Packets of candies RECIPE FOR FANTASTIC FOLKLORE "ICY HAND" Do you know Baba Yaga? Baba Yaga or Baba Roga is a haggish or witchlike character in Slavic 2h folklore, She flies around on a giant mortar, kidnaps small children, and lives in a hut that stands on chicken legs. Sirup + Water GLOVE HALLOWEEN dboard plate MASKS Car The tradition of using a mask to hide your face at Halloween comes from the ancient Celts, who thought it scared away evil spirits. Some typical Halloween masks, to copy and cut out. TERRIFIC MAKE-UPS THE PUMPKIN Brush The last step towards Black pencil Halloween : Sponge make-up! THE SKELETON Rose Black pencil THE ZOMBIE Brush Black pencil YOU ARE READY TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL HALLOWEEN! This web page is provided free by for Halloween! 9,000,000,000 candies are Produced

The Book of Halloween

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An illustrated handbook for a successful Halloween. DIY costumes, masks and terrific makeups.




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