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Best Way to Convey Message in Infographic

BEST WAY TO MESSAGE CONVEY IN INFOGRAPHICS TELLING STORIES WITH WORDS OR STRATEGICALLY PLACED NUMBERS? Are you a story driven person or do you always go for hardcore facts and figures to make any decision? Story lovers are literary souls, while the facts lovers are scientists. We all process information accordingly. THE BANE - TWO CULTURES OF THE HEART AND THE HEAD There are two types of people or 'cultures' of information in society based on our ability to process information. Either we listen from the heart (story or narration) or the brain (facts or statistics). Now we see a marriage of the two as essential for better communication with our customers. Infographics provide the perfect and unique blend of both literature This approach also shows in the way an infographic is designed and conceptualized. and scientific mind set. Use of visual information has increased 9,900% on the internet since 2007 61% of us view numbers in a story as providing rhetorical decoration while others view them as providing clarity and proof of statement. STORY BOOK INFOGRAPHICS TRIVIA INFOGRAPHICS Effectively show life stories. Whether they are businesses or discussion of the life Rely on facts and figures to communicate clear ner. For example: story of a public figure, story driven infographics deliver the emotional value needed to convey the message. For example, Steve Jobs biography was shared more than 7.4 K times on Facebook. messages Ali Binazir's "What Are the Odds" published by got 1,835,810 views due to its matter of fact presentation style. WHY BRAIN AND HEART SHOULD GET MARRIED? The beauty of an infographic is in its presentation and brief narrative. Elements of visual presentation and storytelling are quite useful in crafting the perfect data-driven story. Here's some amazing numbers In 2015, we are consuming approximately 30o GB of data per month, which is more than 5 times more than information we 1986 6 GB 2015 30 GB consumed in 1986. Almost 50% of our brain is involved in Researches show that colors and visuals increase Even when taking pills and reading our medicine's labels, we are 95% more willingness to read by a whopping 80%. visual processing. likely to remember our meds when they come with pictures and text. Infographics help our brains to sift through information easily and prevent information overload. WHAT'S IN NARRATIVE INFOGRAPHIC? BENEFITS OF USING NARRATIVE INFOGRAPHIC (STORY DRIVEN) In narrative infographics, the audience should get a creative visual without being turned off by reading an otherwise long story. . ... We consume approximately 100,500 words per day, which is definitely a sign of data overdosing of information. Story driven infographic will take only 30 to 40 seconds to read, it forces brevity in communication. On average, Internet users only read 28% of text. f Post to Facebook A perfect example of narrative infographic could be "Mankind in Numbers". The infographic concisely describes the life of human species from 10,000 BC to 2000AD. Due to engaging and interesting story and narration, this infographic got 22,023,608 shares on Facebook, published by Share Ca CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS ON STATISTICAL INFOGRAPHICS Statistic laden infographics are crisp, brief and easy to comprehend. !! 300 100 87 99 We tend to be more Numbers that shown on Memory is predominantly visual, it is easier to receptive when facts are represented with numbers and percentages. the infographic can have a concluding position or remember numbers that are visually represented with charts. call to action as a closure. COMPARISON BETWEEN TIMELINE/STORY US. NUMBER PORNZEACT BASED INFOGRAPHICS Timeline and Number porn are two types of infographics, which are used often by companies to respectively visualize their data. TIMELINE NUMBER PORN Show the journey of a company, an influencer, a historical event, or product transition ***** (4.5) BUY NOW Useful to convince Heavily analytical based on scientific data towards action Visually engaging Has the viral fy effect on social media Provides factual and objective reasoning towards customer decision % More reliant on graph tools to deliver maximum content Relevant and interesting to people personally WHERE IS THE MAGIC LAMP OF INFOGRAPHIC RESEARCH? Here's top 8 most reliable information sources that you can use in your infographics. World Health UN Data is a UNITED Organization (WHO) provides access to data and analyses for monitoring the global health situation. NATIONS statistical database with a search engine. You can get world economic, development, and environmental statistics. database is from the US government providing data pertaining to the US. UNICEF holds all kinds of data, from mortality rates to world hunger statistics. The Guardian Data Blog is a news blog that regularly posts visualizations and makes World Bank provides virtually any country's financial and economy standings. theguardian cleaned data available. Microsoft Azure Marketplace offers data feed from the many Data Market is a good place to explore data related to economics, healthcare, food and agriculture, and the automotive industry. data sources that include demographic, environmental, financial, retail and sports data. Milkwhale is an infographic design agency dedicated to create high quality infographic that turns your complex and hard to understand data into easy-to-decipher graphic representation that tells a story and helps you levitate yourself and your company above the crowd. 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Best Way to Convey Message in Infographic

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Describing best way tips and facts to convey message in infographic


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