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Beginner's Guide to Float Fishing

Beginner's, FLOAT guide to FISHING For fish that prefer bait in the current, or mid water as it falls, a float is the answer. And it's more sensitive than a rod tip or bobbin for bottom fishing too. Basic float types WAGGLER STICK POLE SLIDING Highly sensitive floats held on line Attached bottom Attached by three "float rubbers" this end only, this is a great all-rounder, especially on stillwaters such as lakes and canals. Bigger, meatier float to support large baits and long casts. Ideal for casting into wind, sea fishing or suspending whole fish as bait. is best for running water. Size depends on depth and strength of by tiny rubber sleeves. Different sizes for slow falling bait, shallow or bottom fishing. current. Typical float rigs As a general rule, the deeper the water and more powerful the wind and currents, the larger the float you'll require. STICK FLOAT RIG WITH "SHIRT BUTTON" SHOTTING Best for: Trotting a river. The string of evenly spaced shot allows the bait to fall slowly and naturally in a way that looks very convincing to the fish. Current Small evenly spread shot givesteady fall of bait Final, smallest shot 4 - 6" from hook BULK SHOT RIG Best for: Deep water, when you want to get to the bottom quickly or prevent tiddlers pinching your bait on the way down. "Bulk" of bigger shot take bait to the bottom fast Two smallest shot SLIDING FLOAT RIG Best for: Deeper water and bigger fish. The float slides up and down the line to help fish depths longer than your rod, without casting problems. Float stop or stop knot Bead Stop knot Main line Вead | Sliding float Drilled bullet Swivel Weight Bead Swivel Rig line Finer points of float fishing Here are some top tips that will instantly improve your float fishing. INCLUDE A 'TELL TALE' SHOT Position a tiny 'tell tale' weight (size 8-12) close to the hook (6" or less) for accurate bite indication. DIP THAT TIP AVOID LOSING WEIGHT Fish don't always want to pull inches of float underwater. Dip your tip as low as possible (2-3mm). Shot can be lost. Cylindrical weights called 'styls' (often sold as 'Stotz') ping off the line less easily. REACT QUICKLY Always hold your rod when float fishing for faster biting fish. If you put it down, you won't react quickly enough. PREPARE TO GO TOO FAR CHANGE Use a slightly heavier float than needed. Cast Use a float adapter when waggler fishing and you can change floats in an instant if conditions a bit 'too far' and bring the float back carefully. change. FEED YOUR SWIM Feed bait and cast often to get more bites and explore your swim fully. An Airbomb feeder won't spook the fish. Fishtec

Beginner's Guide to Float Fishing

shared by fishtec on Jul 09
Float fishing is one of the most popular methods of angling. Sheringham’s comment that the float is “pleasing in appearance, and even more pleasing in disappearance”, still rings true today, whe...



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