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Auto Towing your own Car

NISITOR IESERVED 2BEED TIMI THAUL How to u-haul Tow your Sport Car Sometimes when moving using U-HAUL services, you have no other choice other than to tow your own car as well; as much as it's a practical solution, it may result a bit tricky if you happen to own a Sport Car. Sports cars and specialty vehicles with unusually low ground clearance cannot be loaded and unloaded onto the Auto Transport in the conventional manner. Here we present you with a few solutions: You can raise the vehicle clearance by laying a 2x8 board on the ground against each ramp end. If the front of your vehicle is longer, you will need a longer board. Clearance can be increased further by using 2 boards. If 2 boards are used, the end of the ramp is placed on top of the lower board (as shown). 3 boards can be used, with the ramp end placed on top of the second board. A shallower ramp angle can also be achieved by pulling the truck (not the trailer) onto elevated ground to raise the hitchball. If available, raising the vehicle clearance can also be accomplished by backing the Auto Transport up to an elevated curb, inclined driveway, or similar area that will support the end of the ramp, and allowing the towed vehicle to be loaded from the raised area. If clearance at the front of your vehicle is not adequate to clear the 6 inch tire stops at the front of the trailer, an 18 inch length of 2X8 can be placed on the trailer deck to increase the clearance (as shown). These boards should be centered under the tires. If the front overhang of your vehicle is longer, you may need to position a second board to the rear of the tire-strap attachment bar as showm. Do not place any board over the top of the strap attachment bar. Loose boards placed on the Auto Transport for loading purposes are to be removed when loading is completed. Another Good solution could be to simply concentrate in the Moving itself and leave us your Car Towing.. (650) 240-2154 TOWING San Mateo http://towing Resources:

Auto Towing your own Car

shared by danielcompass on Jul 02
When you’re moving using various "auto-moving" services (such as u-haul) and you need to tow your own car, there are several tips to take into account. In this Infographic you’ll find several of those.






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