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The Art And Science Of Personal Branding Online

in AND SCIENCE BEHIND PERSONAL BRANDING ONLINE THE ART oto HOW CAN YOU STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD WHEN YOU'RE MINGLING IN THE INFINITE INTERNET? THE AGE OF PERSONAL BRANDING Personal Branding: How you present yourself so people remember you. We're already branding ourselves online without thinking: in SOCIALLY PROFESSIONALLY ROMANTICALLY 264 million 138 million 40 million use online dating sites have a social use media profile LinkedIn 81% of 42% of 12% of population population population BENEFITS OF A STRONG ONLINE BRAND Network with potential employers and romantic partners Control your image instead of putting your rep in the hands of a Google search Grow your business: customers trust individuals more than faceless corporations IN PERSON, YOU INTERACT USING A WEALTH OF UNCONSCIOUS CUES: FACIAL EXPRESSION, HAND GESTURES, TONE OF VOICE – ONLINE, YOUR TOOLKIT IS MORE LIMITED - THE MANY FACETS OF ONLINE PERSONAL BRANDING PROFILE PICTURE It takes only 1/10 of a second to form an impression of someone from a photo. YOUTHFUL- ATTRACTIVENESS Wide eyes, feminine features APPROACHABILITY Full lips, broad mouth DOMINANCE Masculine features First impressions are based on 3 unconsciously determined traits HOW TO TAKE A BETTER PROFILE PHOTO SQUINT SLIGHTLY I SMILE WITH YOUR TEETH WIDE EYES | More vulnerable, CLOSED-MOUTH less competent SMILE 2X less likeable SUNGLASSES than a smile showing teeth Blocking your eyes is less likeable DRESS IN DARK SUITS AND WHITE DEFINE YOUR JAWLINE THROUGH WELL-PLACED SHADOWS INFORMAL DRESS FLAT LIGHTING Less competent Less competent and influential and influential FRAME THE SHOT FROM WAIST-UP OR HEAD & SHOULDERS CLOSE-UPS ON FULL-BODY SHOTS THE FACE Less competent Less likable and influential EVALUATE PHOTOS OF YOURSELF THROUGH CROWDSOURCING PLATFORMS SUCH AS PHOTOFEELER · YOU'LL GET SPECIFIC FEEDBACK AND MIGHT BE SURPRISED AT THE RESULTS ТЕXT/BIO SOCIAL/ROMANTIC On dating sites, text descriptions account for only 10% of people's impressions. Pictures may get more attention, but text gets deeper connections. okcupid In 2013, OkCupid removed all pictures on its site for "Love Is Blind Day". During the text-only period, users... Responded to Exchanged Engaged in deeper messages 44% more often contact info more quickly conversations HOW TO WRITE A BETTER "ABOUT ME" SECTION ..• MEN WOMEN Prefer women who Prefer men who value fitness and take risks and seem kind seem brave and approachable 70% about what you 30% want in a date about you e.g. "I'd like someone to go hiking with." PROFESSIONAL in CV 70% of employers Some say a Linkedin summary is now more important screen candidates on social media before hiring than a resume HOW TO WRITE A BETTER PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Keep it short: highlight Tell a story: show who Don't be all business: big successes and you are, not just what mention hobbies, achievements you've done interests, passions VIDEO A short video gives a more accurate impression than just words and pictures. Allows you to use cues to convey personality and mood. 00000 0 0 0 0 o0 Demonstrates how Removes viewer's bias when judging you move, speak, smile, and laugh static images A UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS STUDY FOUND First impressions from videos or face-to-face meetings are more positive than from photos ON THE INTERNET, A FIRST IMPRESSION IS AN ONLY IMPRESSION – YOU WON'T GET ANOTHER CHANCE ONCE THEY'VE CLICKED AWAY YOUR PERSONAL BRAND SHOULD IMPRESS YOUR PERSONAL BRAND SHOULD IMPRESS First impressions can affect: Court Election Professional decisions results evaluations USE THE HALO EFFECT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE The assumption that because someone has some positive qualities, they also have other positive qualities. Because he is attractive, he is Because she writes well, she is also fun to be around also a competent worker YOU HAVE A SHORT WINDOW TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION ONLINE How long people spend viewing.. 1025 38 50% 60 55 50 10 - 45 15 40 20 DATING PROFILES WEBSITES 81 seconds 58 seconds 35 25 30 10-20 seconds WOMAN MEN Show the world you're a hot commodity . with a great online personal brand SOURCES DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING CI

The Art And Science Of Personal Branding Online

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Branding yourself online isn't as complicated as you might think and it could make or break your career prospects. Learn more from this infographic!


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