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The Art And Science Of Networking

THE ART & SCIENCE OF NETWORKING 2 Some people think networking is just business cards and Linkedin profiles, but networking is really about one thing: building lasting & valuable relationships EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT NET WORKING IS WRONG Business leaders develop relationships with employees NOT JUST FOR GETTING JOBS Scientists seek research grants ANYMORE Contractors and construction workers get new contracts Professionals use networking for Musicians and music many reasons producers get discovered Artists share their art and C develop followings BENEFITS OF NETWORKING PROFESSIONAL BENEFITS QUALITY OF LIFE BENEFITS GIVES YOU WORD OF MOUTH REFERRALS 57 of jobs are filled through a networking contact Having a strong social network is an indicator of Strong and healthy networks lead to decreases in.. psychological, emotional and physical wellness HARNESSES & STRENGTHENS CREATIVITY DEMENTIA of Adobe employees report creativity as central to their value to the world and the company 96 lack of social BREAST CANCER networks is CONNECTS YOU WITH MENTORS of those planning to stay with their company for 5 years have a mentor connected to 68% poor health and increased risk PREMATURE DEATH of mental and physical ailment NETWORKING: THE BENEFITS OF TAPPING INTO THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET NETWORKING SUCCESS TOP WAYS ORGANIZATION LEADERS FIND NEW HIRES AVERAGE ANNUAL INCOME 6% HIGHER FOR WORKERS EXECUTIVES WHO BELIEVE SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS HELP ADVERTISE AND FILL POSITIONS WHO GOT THEIR JOB WITH REFERRAL EXPECTED JOВ RETENTION 28% Employee 51% Referrals 12% $40K with 8 years Referral Networkers Professional 42% network sites $38K without 4 years Referral In 2014 In 2016 Direct searchers HOW NETWORKS WORK: 3 Types of Networks OPERATIONAL Engaging with people in roles central to business success: executives, distributors, clients PERSONAL Socializing that offers referral opportunities, knowledge, & support: references, coaches, mentors STRATEGIC Seeking mentors, sharing ideas, and influencing between peers, industry leaders, and all in between FACE TO FACE OR ONLINE? ACTUALLY, IT'S BOTH ONLINE LINKEDIN Gives employers a quick summary of expertise, strengths, and work experience 546 Distinguishes you from less tech-savvy job-hunters through a personal brand MILLION users worldwide as of January 2018 Provides you witha digital rolodex of connections for future reference 25 Helps recruiters weigh you personally and professionally based on posts PERCENT of internet users 70 of Fortune 500 CEOS choose Linkedln as first PERCENT and only social network 17 9. 15. 39 21 100-249 250-500 Followers 500+ Followers <100 Influencers Followers Followers FACE TO FACE Online networking is essential in newer industries, but face-to-face interaction is still paramount SURVEYED STUDENTS AND EDUCATORS BELIEVE MEETING OUTSIDE THE OFFICE (E.G. OUTDOORS, CONVENTIONS, NEUTRAL ENVIRONMENTS) 45% 43% GIVES TIME TO LEARN ABOUT THOSE IN YOUR NETWORK INCREASES LEARNING WITHOUT OFFICE DISTRACTIONS 42% 36% INSPIRES NEW WAYS BOOSTS OF THINKING CREATIVITY Types of face-to-face networks CASUAL CONTACT NET WORKS EXAMPLE: МЕЕТ РЕOPLE DISCUSS LOoCAL BUSINESS AND LEGISLATION CHAMBERS ACROSS OF COMMERCE PROFESSIONS PARTICIPATION CONSUMER FAVORABILITY CONSUMER AWARENESS LOCAL REPUTATION LIKELIHOOD OF FUTURE PATRONAGE +44% +51% +57% +63% STRONG CONTACT NETWORKS EXAMPLE: BNI FOCUSED ON SHARING EMPHASIZES LONG-TERM, QUALITY OVER SUPERFICIAL, REFERRALS WITH A SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZED GROUP QUANTITY-DRIVEN BUSINESS NETWORK OF PROFESSIONALS RELATIONSHIPS INTERNATIONAL 227 9.8 8,211 CHAPTERS $13.6 THOUSAND MILLION BILLION AROUND THE GLOBE IN MEMBER CLOSED BUSINESS MEMBERE LAST YEAR COMMUNITY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE CLUBS ASSOCIATIONS MEETUPS EVENTS SUCH AS SXSW in Austin, Texas GATHERS THOSE WITH COMMON INTERESTS & PASSIONS BRINGS ONLINE USERS TOGETHER REGULARLY FOR LOCAL FACE-TO-FACE EVENTS 39.6 127 In 2017, MILLION total signups THOUSAND attendance reached almost Groups 422 49 % 67% 311 TOP 3 TYPES OF MEETUPS THOUSAND went to connect with existing clients average members went to seek Career/Business new business opportunities Tech per group Socializing If so many jobs are filled through networking, why aren't more people doing it? NETWORKING IS HARD WHY? SOCIAL SKILLS TECHNOLOGY are not taught in school it's not just handing people a business card Strong social skills lead to more productivity and higher salaries Online presence is growing in importance while the lines between professional and personal profiles are muddled JOB GROWTH PROJECTED: 2024 WAGES 2015 +4% +8% "Internet panhandling," or asking for favors before building rapport, is unprofessional for high social skill intensity jobs Jobs requiring average to above average social skills +9% +4.5% Online networking is only as useful as you make it, but make for workers with above average social skilLls Jobs with lower sure it leads to a face-to-face than average requirements meeting It might seem like networking is an uphill battle, but it's actually easier than you think HOW DO YOU DO IT? POLISH YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PERSONALIZE EVERY PRESENCE BEFORE MAKING ONLINE CONNECTIONS PART OF YOUR PROFILE PROFESSIONALS SAY YOU SHOULD HAVE 3 JOBS POSTED ON LINKEDIN REGULARLY UPDATE PROFILE 18-34 YEAR-OLDS CHANGE PROFILE PICS MOST OFTEN, LEADING TO MORE VIEWS INCLUDING 5 SKILLS OR MORE BRINGS PROFILES 33X MORE MESSAGES AND 17X MORE VIEWS SUMMARIES WITH 40 WORDS OR MORE AND STYLISTIC PERSONALITY RECEIVE MORE VIEWS REGULARLY UPDATED PROFILES RECEIVE 18X MORE SEARCHES B.0 CREATE SEPERATE SOCIAL USE PHOTOS MEDIA ACCOUNTS FOR SOCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL PERSONAS EFFECTIVELY PROFILES WITH PHOTOS GET 21X MORE 1 IN 3 SAY SEPARATE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS ARE IMPORTANT ACCORDING TO A 2015 NEW NORMS ewORK VIEWS AND 36X MORE MESSAGES IT TAKES ONLY 1/10 OF A SECOND TO FORM AN STUDY BY LINKEDIN AND CENSUSWIDE IMPRESSION OF SOMEONE FROM A PHOTO INTERACT WITH THE SAME FOLLOW UP COURTESY ONLINE AS YOU WITH CONTACTS WOULD IN-PERSON ASK OTHER PROFESSIONALS ABOUT THEIR LIVES, NOT WORK ALWAYS FOLLOW UP A DIGITAL MEETING WITHA FACE-TO-FACE ONE, AND VICE VERSA BE PATIENT AND KEEP NETWORKING DON'T LET THE CONTACTS YOU DO MAKE FALL BY THE WAYSIDE WHILE YOU WAIT FOR RESPONSES DON'T THINK ONLY OF WHAT YOU CAN GET OUT OF A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP IF YOU'RE AN ENTREPRENEUR OR REPRESENT A BUSINESS LOOKING TO GROW... ATTEND AND STRATEGIZE FACE-TO-FACE YHY NETWORKING EVENT COMPLEMENTARY CO-MARKETING AND CO-BRANDING HAVE BUSINESS CARDS READY TO GO FOCUS ON QUALITY OVER QUANTITY SHARE PROMOTIONS AND ADVERTISING WITH BOTH COMPANIES' TARGET AUDIENCES THROUGH WEB, PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL, AND LOCAL EVÉNTS LISTEN AND SEE WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER THEM GARNERS MORE CUSTOMERS BY ELEVATING CONTENT MAKE NETWORKING ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS, NOT YOURSELF SUCCESSFUL NETWORKERS REID HOFFMAN CC BY 2.0 VIA abbolkowy HARVEY MACKAY CC BY 2.0 VIA (cc) Shashi Bellamkonda SHERYL SANDBERG CC BY-SA 2.0 VIA acellanr Founder of Lean In and coo of Facebook Co-Founder of Linkedin Businessman and NYT Bestselling Author "If I had to name the single characteristic shared by all the truly successful people I've met over a lifetime, l'd say it's the ability to create and nurture a network of contacts... the most valued currency in the world is not the Dollar, Euro, or Yen - It's relationships" "Networks enable "We have 15 million members of our communication, collaboration, [Lean In] community, 33,000 circles in 150 countries, and we're growing and coordination that in turn enable innovation by almost 100 a week... we know that when people join circles, the great majority of them will do something that is much more ambitious for themselves" NETWORKING SUCCESS Learned from working on Paypal with entrepreneurs Peter Thiel and Elon Musk that with a Pitched his book to over 6,000 Took advice from future AOL CEO professional contacts he had built over his career and was Tim Armstrong on changing her approach to work from 'all-busi- ness' to relationship-minded strong network and a cutting edge technology. you can change the game published within a month, rising to #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list Created global community Lean In to help foster gender equality and form business connections NETWORKING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER AND TAKES PLACE IN EVERY PART OF OUR LIVES NETWORKWISE WITH ADAM CONNORS get the most value out of your network Sources public/7c/45/7c457488-0740-4bc4-ae45-0aadodaac531/freelancinginamericareport.pdf abrams/2017/07/05/netwrorking-easy-way-grow-your-small-business/453575001 Gles stlouisfed org/fles/htdocs/wp/2010/2016-009.pdf Lean In: Women, Work, and the Wil to Lead By Sheryl Sandberg pdf htm takinua aears com/home/2016/2/10/assembling-your-career-team economy/2016/july/iobs-found-referrals-pay-more N NOWSOURCING

The Art And Science Of Networking

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Building your professional network is as much an art as it is a science. Learn more about the art and science of networking!








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