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Archery Basics Infographic

ARCHERY BASICS STANCE DETERMINING EYE DOMINANCE Stand perpendicular to the target with your feet on either side of the shooting line about shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight, but don't lock your knees or back. Make a triangle with your hands. Extend your arms toward the target. Look through the hole with both eyes open and focus on the target. Close your left eye. If the target remains in view, you are right eye dominant. If your hand moves off the target, you are left eye dominant. PRE-DRAW Raise the bow. Put your arms in position, always grip the string with your three middle fingers, while touching your pinky and thumb to keep your hand staight. RELEASE AND FOLLOW THROUGH To release, relax the drawing hand. Do not fully let go-just let your fingers go limp. Allow the bow to naturally move forward. Keep your drawing hand in place. AIM ANCHOR Concentrate on the target. It often works best to keep both eyes open, not just the dominant eye. The anchor is the final part of the draw. It is where your hand will rest under your chin before you take aim and release the arrow. DRAW Draw your bow by pulling the string using your back-NOT your shoulder or arm muscles. Draw SURVIVAL MASTERY the bowstring until it touches the tip of you nose. Nestle your drawing hand under your chin. Keep elbow straight. Source:

Archery Basics Infographic

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Basics of archery and tips how to use bow and arrow


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