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Applying For A Work Permit in Canada

Applying for a Work Permit in Canada Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) allows Canadian employers to hire foreign nationals to fill temporary labour and skill shortages when qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not available. WHAT YOU NEED FOR A WORK PERMIT WHO CAN APPLY FOR A PERMIT? - LMO No Criminal Good Health Admissible Will return to home country Job Offer Money to Labour Temporary Market Opinion IConditional) Complete Resident Visa Application (Certain countries) IMeet requirements of the Immigrant & Refugee Protection Act) Contract (Medical exam to Canada support you and your family Record may be required) --------------------------- JOBS THAT DO NOT REQUIRE Business Examiners Students Athletes and Visitors Working on Campus and A WORK PERMIT* Evaluators News Foreign A Representatives Coaches Reporters Aviation [x] iclergy Conventioneublic Organizers Inspectors Health care Students Performing Artists Judges and Referees Miltary Personnel Film and Speaker Medla Crews *This is not legal advice. Please cent with an imigratonlayer before rying to enter Canate te werk without a wark permit ------- - -------------------- LABOUR MARKET OPINIONS LMO EXEMPTIONS JOB CREATION Will hiring the foreign worker help to create or retain jobs for Canadians? Certain occupations and individuals do not A Positive LMO... Is the Canadian govermment's opinion that there is a need for a foreign worker to occupy a job vacancy as there are no Canadians available to fill the position. SALARY require LMOS Is the salary offered to the foreign worker consistent with the average in the area the position is located? WORKING CONDITIONS Are working conditions consistent with labor laws? LABOUR SHORTAGE Is there a labour shortage for that occupation in the area the position is located? Workers nominated Co-op by a province for permanent residence Spouses of Charitable or religious work students, Certain academics certain LMO students and APPLICATION workers FACTORS LABOUR DISPUTES Considered by Human Resources and Skills Is there an ongoing labour dispute in the company? NAFTA Development Caneda RECRUITMENT Has the employer tried to recruit a Canadian to fill the position? Post-Graduate Intra-company Working Holiday Visas (International Experience Canadal Trade agreements transfers, Exchange Programs Work Permits SKILLS will the foreign worker transfer unique skills to Canadians? 2-10 Weeks The labor market opinion is spectfic to employer, position and geographical region. To obtain an LMO EMPLOYMENT Will the foreign worker be the employee of the Canadian employer, whereby the foreign worker is expected to workona full-time basis at a pre determined wage? Ya foreign worker has a positive LMO and decides to change positions, even within the same company, they will require a new one. Varies by province Temporary Foreign Workers Became Permanent 32,000 >>>>>>>>> Foreign workers had 40% employers who required Residents in 2010 an LMO from HRSDC 183,000 AANAd Temporary Foreign Workers Entered Canada in 2010 FW CONTACT FWCanada FOR MORE INFO 1.514.316.3555 | Data Collected From Citizenship and Immigration Canada Foreign Worker Canada

Applying For A Work Permit in Canada

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An infographic illustrating everything temporary foreign workers need to apply for a Canadian work permit.



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