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Apply This Principle To Experience More Happiness In Your Life

PRINCIPLE • LAW • RULE • MAXIM • FORMULA • TRUTH • BELIEF • TENET What You Feed Grows WHAT YOU STARVE DIES Feed what's good - starve whats bad WHAT IT MEANS You experience more of what you feed, less of what you starve - To experience (grow) more awesomeness in life, you have to feed the things that promote it and starve the things that don't - you are in control of what you give your time, energy, thoughts, and feeling to! You can feed the good - Happiness, gratitude, love, contentment, satisfaction, creativity, trust You can feed the bad - Anger, wrong desires, discontent, jealousy, hatred, distrust • THE PROCESS OF FEEDING/STARVING • Are you choosing to feed the bad? How you feed things - By thinking, looking, dwelling, feeling, justifying, talking, or reading about them - by doing anything that triggers strong emotions and thoughts about them regularly O If you read a story containing sorrow, misery, pain or anger what are you feeding? News About Misery How you starve things - Not spending any time with them, avoiding them, not giving them any power by feeling and thinking about them O If you give into bad impulses and desires - even a little - what are you When you feed something - it starves its opposite: feeding? O Feed positive emotions and you starve negative O If you watch things that ones...and vice-versa promote sorrow, misery, ANGER pain or anger - what are you feeding? O Feed action and you starve fear...and vice-versa o Feed happiness and you starve sorrow...and O If you complain, talk bad about your life or others - what are vice-versa O Feed generosity and you starve lack...and vice- you feeding? !#@% versa • NEXT ACTIONS • 1. Feed the good - Identify things worth feeding - love, contentment, happiness - then feed them by talking, reading, thinking, watching, and doing things that help you feel them regularly 2. Starve the bad - Identify things worth starving - anger, discontentment, bad impulses then starve them by avoiding ANY thoughts, feelings, conversations, pictures, articles, and even people that fuel thinking about or feeling those things OGETLIFEMAPS.cOM

Apply This Principle To Experience More Happiness In Your Life

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To experience (grow) more happiness in life, you have to feed the things that promote happiness and starve the things that don’t - this LifeMaps shows you how to do it!


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