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The Anatomy of a Great Infographic

THE ANATOMY OF A GREAT NF.GRAPHIC THESE DAYS, INFOGRAPHICS ARE ALL OVER THE WEB (THAT MEANS INTERNET) НОWEVER They've started to get a bad rap due to low quality and over-use (like your mom) They're eye catching and shareable SO, WHAT MAKES A GREAT INFOGRAPHIC CAEAT INI UIAI MG! OUALITY CONTROL! UIILAT INEOCDADUIC) THE BIRTH OF INFOGRAPHICS PUSHI They can be educational, humorous, disgusting, disgustingly humorous, surprising, beautiful and booty-full STORY Simply put, it is a story told in a visual way, TOLD I A VISUAL WAYr AAAYYYEEAAHH! Some infographic topics we've seen: AS A METHOD OF COMMUNICATION, INFOGRAPHICS ARE AS OLD AS YOUR GRANNY'S PANTIES-- Cloud computing Global health needs Examples of infographics: History of the toilet Social media usage cave paintings anatomical O History of Superman's costumes diagrams weather maps & geological maps 0O Boobs oL oh Egyptian hieroglyphics 1975: Professor Edward Tufte of Princeton created infographics that are considered to be the first of today's modern infographics DOES IT HAVE ALL THE IMPORTANT PARTS? GOTTA HAVE BRAINS: DATA & STORY 90% of all infographics are completely A great infographic: Must have reliable and compelling data true Should tell a story with new information / new perspective Should have a quickly understood key message Infographics that give all infographics a bad name are: WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS Poorly planned out Quickly thrown together- sometimes causes redundancy Fail to communicate with data and visualization ANY INFOGRAPHIC CREATOR SHOULD BE READY TO STAND BEHIND THEIR DATA 85% of the population of Iceland says making up stats is bad. But 100% of the population of Greenland says that 85% of the population of Iceland are liars. 47% make up their own stats 000 LA LA VISUALIZATION SHAREABILITY 00D VISUALIZATION COMPLETES THE INFOGRAPHIC AND GIVES IT IMMEDIATE APPEAL (OR NOT, IF IT'S BAD) Brands must know their audience and target them specifically Gives an easily understood view of the topic Marketing is becoming more geared toward social media: A clean design enables key information to stand out PEOPLE USE TOLIETS A key to success is making sharing easy with social sharing buttons Great visualization displays a complex set of ideas aesthetically and clearly Create embed codes for infographics ..* No design will appeal to everyone on the same level (unless you add kittens) This enables publishers to post your infographic to their website for more exposure Sources: Presented by DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING ....

The Anatomy of a Great Infographic

shared by NowSourcing on Sep 04
This infographic provides a deeper look into what an infographic is and one makes them good or bad.


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