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Adobe Illustrator CS6 Short Cuts

Ai cS6 Shortcuts A ZEROLAG HOSTING EVOLVED Delete Anchor Pt Add Anchor Pt Switch Open 1 3 4 7 8 9. Fit O Screen Zoom In + Zoom Out Tabs delete Blend Tool Rotate Tool Lasso Free Transform Туре Tool Magic Wand Mesh Tool Eye Dropper Spell Reflect Pen Tool Line T Segment Char. tab Q Quit W Close E R Rulers TWindow Y U I Check O Open P Print ] Hand sm Hide Anchor H Tool Pointer to Crosshair Direct Selection Default Fill/Stroke Screen Modes Gradient Column Live Paint Bucket K Prefs. Scale Tool Ellipse enter Graph Select A All Group G Object Hide/ Show ; Guides 66 Hide/ Show caps lock S Save F J L return Pts. Grid Zoom Tool Scissors Tool Selection Tool Paint Brush Pencil Tool Rectangle Fill/Stroke w/ Color Fill/Stroke w/ Grad. Fill/Stroke w/ None Switch Fill/Stroke shift Z Undo X Cut С Сору Fill В Вlack New N File Mini. M Tabs shift V Paste alt alt ctrl option command |command option OTHER SHORTCUTS SELECTING & MOVING Hold Space while drawing marquee Option + Drag Object Bring up Tool Options Rotate to constrain movement (45°, 90', 135°, 180)... Shift Copy Object while Dragging + Rotate Tool Move Selection .. .. Arrow Keys Move Selection by 10pt Arrow Keys Shift SHIFT TOOL SHORTCUTS Select Multiple Objects + Select Objects Shift Shift C Convert Anchor Point (Pt.) ΤΥΡE Blob Brush Shift В Decrease/Increase type size Decrease/Increase leading Decrease/Increase kerning & tracking Shift E Shift + < or > Eraser .... Shift Option + 1/4 Symbol Sprayer Live Paint Selection Shift Option + +/- + L, R or C Align type left, right or center Justify Artboad Tool Shift Shift Slice Tool Shift K Shift J Shift Swap Fill and Stroke + +

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Short Cuts

shared by WpromoteInc on Aug 12
Adobe Illustrator is a wrench that is an essential addition for any good designers toolbox, this handy cheat chart should keep you up to speed on the various commands that AI CS6 has to offer.




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