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8 Ways to Stop Spending Money

8 WAYS TO STOP SPENDING MONEY LOW BAL I. Keep Your Account Balance Low There's nothing like getting your debit card declined to give you a bit of a gut check. Having to transfer money into your account before large purchases will make you think twice. 2. Purge Your Email Go through your email inbox & unsubscribe from all those marketing emails. The "limited time offers" are a slippery slope. If you never see the sale, you won't fall into the marketing trap. 3. Only Carry Cash It's the budget that is impossible to break. Leave the credit cards at home & only spend what's in your pocket. 4. Delete Credit Cards From Online Accounts Having your credit cards linked to your online accounts makes spending money too easy. Deleting saved cards forces you to find your wallet & type out your card number every time you make a purchase - which might give you enough of a pause to keep you from spending. 5. Freeze Your Credit Cards Literally. Drop them in a glass of water and plop them in the freezer. If there's an emergency you can still use them - they just have to thaw out first. 6. Hide Unexpected Income Big bonus at work? Tax return finally came in? Unexpected income can feel like "free money." Skip your checking account entirely and use that money to hit your savings goals. 7. Buddy Up Find a savings partner and keep each other accountable. Set up rules for yourselves, like having to text your buddy when you make a purchase over a certain amount. A little social accountability goes a long way! 8. Carrot Or The Stick Nobody is perfect, you're bound to slip up. Whenever you make a poor spending decision make sure there is a penalty that goes along with it. Ideally you pick something that can be done at the register. Push ups? Sing the chorus of a Backstreet Boys song? Let your buddy get creative. "Ain't nothin' but a heartache" MORTGAGEMONKS.COM

8 Ways to Stop Spending Money

shared by MortgageMonks on Apr 03
8 simple, effective ways to keep yourself from breaking your budget. Used as a companion piece to promote a written article. Client wanted a minimally designed, clean design.


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