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8 Residency Visas for Panama

PANAMA OFFSHORE LEGAL SERVICES 8 RESIDENCY VISAS FOR PANAMA There are many different Visas in Panama and just as many requirements, regulations, and rewards! Considered to be one of the easiest countries in the world to obtain permanent residency, we look at 8 very different ways you can become a permanent resident or citizen of Panama, through family, investment, pensions, or nationality. RETIREMENT VISA (PENSIONADO VISA) BENEFITS REQUIREMENTS 50% off hotels and entertainment. 30% off public transport. 25% off airline tickets and utilities. 15-25% off all medical services. Tax free At least 18 years old with a lifetime annuity or pension paying a minimum of $1,000 USD per month + $250 extra per dependent. imports on household goods up to $10,000, including a new car every 24 months. DURATION: 3 MONTHS TO1 YEAR INVESTMENT/COST: $1,000 FRIENDLY NATIONS VISA BENEFITS REQUIREMENTS Citizens of the 48 friendly nations get fast track permanent residency that leads to full citizenship in 5 years. Work permit also made available. Start a new business in Panama, purchase an existing Panama business, or be employed by a Panama company in a profes- sional capacity. Deposit $5,000 USD in a Panama bank + $2,000 per dependent. DURATION: 1 YEAR INVESTMENT/COST: $5,000 PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT VISA BENEFITS REQUIREMENTS The ability to relocate to Panama and work in a professional capacity. Be employed by a Panama company as a professional. DURATION: 2 YEARS INVESTMENT/COST: FREE LARGE REFORESTATION INVESTOR VISA BENEFITS REQUIREMENTS Large reforestation investors can obtain citizenship in 7 years while making a profit when the forests are harvested. Invest at least $80,000 USD by purchasing 5 hectares in a govern- ment certified reforestation pro- gram. DURATION: 2-6 YEARS INVESTMENT/COST: $80,000 SELF-ECONOMIC SOLVENCY VISA BENEFITS REQUIREMENTS 3 options are available: (1) invest at least $300,000 USD in a 3 year Panama bank CD; or (2) purchase titled Panama real estate with Investors can obtain Panama citizenship in 7 years. equity of at least $300,000 USD; or (3) combine options making a Panama bank CD deposit and purchasing Panama real estate totaling at least $300,000 USD. INVESTMENT/COST: $300,000 + 1 & 2 by DURATION: 2-5 YEARS (TEMP.) BUSINESS INVESTOR VISA BENEFITS REQUIREMENTS Chance to become a permanent resident after three 2-year temporary resident visas. Minimum $160,000 investment in capital stock of a Panamanian corporation + $2,000 per depen- dent. Foreigner must be a share- holder or officer of the corpora- tion, hire 5 Panamanian employ- ees, and register with social security. DURATION: 2 YEARS INVESTMENT/COST: $160,000 MARRIED TO A PANAMANIAN CITIZEN VISA BENEFITS REQUIREMENTS This is a fast track towards perma- nent residency leading to full citizenship. A consensual partner of Panamanian birth or citizenship. DURATION: 2 YEARS INVESTMENT/COST: FREE PARENTS OF CHILD BORN IN PANAMA VISA BENEFITS REQUIREMENTS Permanent Residency. The child born in Panama is less than five years old at the time the mother and/or father apply for residency INVESTMENT/COST: $1,330 DURATION: PERMANENT *All costs are reported in USD. Brought to you by Panama Offshore Legal Services Panama Offshore Legal Services is a law firm specializing in formation and management of Panama Corporations, Panama Foundations, Offshore Banking, Panama Immigration PANAMA OFFSHORE law, and Panama Real Estate law. LEGAL SERVICES Learn more at

8 Residency Visas for Panama

shared by panamaoffshoreblog on Apr 09
This is an infographic for people interested in moving to Panama. The infographic details 8 different types of Panama visas that grant permanent residency, and outlines the benefits and requirements of each.


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