7 Ways you can light up this fall season!

ways you can LIGHT UP this Fall Season Whether you still have Christmas lights hanging outside, want to spruce up the backyard this summer or love DIY projects that involve reusing materials around the house, these ideas are all for you! 1 cupcake Flower Lights If you haven't been baking and have some leftover cupcake liners, here's how to bring a littler flower power to the mix! MATERIALS String of Christmas lights (colored or white) • Small cupcake liners Large cupcake liners • Scissors • Metal hooks (incase hanging is preferred). HOW TO ASSEMBLE IT: Precut the liners with petal preference you wish. With the scissors cut a small opening at the bottom of the liner to help get each light bulb into the liner. Place the small liner into the larger one so you get the flower effect and push the light bulb into the small wholes you previously cut. Follow these steps until you have a full string of lit flowers and hang. Sit back and enjoy your creation! 2 Light Jars Simple idea for a center piece or simply to light up a corner of your deck! -MATERIALS • String of lights (battery or electric) • Close power outlet or extension cord. • Mason Jars HOW-TO ASSEMBLE IT: Use any color lights you have, you can use battery operated in case you don't want to connect it to a power outlet. Fill the Mason jar with the lights and turn on. Voilà! You are a design genius, enjoy the view, you might just want to use this as a night light| inside your home! 3 cube Lantern Lights Bring a little Origami to the decor with these adorable cubes. MATERIALS • LED String of Christmas lights (LED lights are recommended due to low heat) • Paper (any color you desire) • Scissors HOW TO ASSEMBLE IT: Cut the paper into squares about 8.5' x 8.5' 2 Fold the paper into cubes as specified on the picture below. 2 3 4 Repeat on the opposite side 8 6. Repeat on the other 3 corners 10 11 12 Repeat steps 11-13 13 on remaining 3 flaps 14 Blow in the 15 opening to inflate 16 3 Poke each light into the paper cube. Do not leave lights completely unattended, although with LED, your concern about overheated lanterns is minimal. 4 Wine bottle light lamps Recycle all those lovely bottles you have laying around after a crisp cool autumn dinner, Halloween or Thanksgiving and give them new life! -MATERIALS • String of lights • Empty Wine Bottle • Drill • Glass drill bits • Glue gun Crystal fill (optional) • Rubber mallet • Safety Glasses %3D %3D - -HOW TO-ASSE E IT:- With the smallest drill bid and the rubber mallet mark where you want to drill the hole. Start drilling the bottle with the smallest bid and progressively work to the largest I until you get the size hole you need for the lights to go in. Start by pushing the end light through and progressively the rest of the lights. After fitting the entire string of lights you might want to seal the back, just so the lights aren't pulled out from the bottle with time. Crystal fill is optional to give it a more "icy" look. EASTHOPE 5 Light up Pumpkin Spheres Using the pumpkin concept (because of their rounded out shape) create fun conversation pieces you can hang around the deck or trees in your backyard. MATERIALS • String of lights • Chicken wire HOW TO ASSEMBLE IT: Out of the chicken wire start off by creating a cylinder shape. Wrap the top and bottom of the chicken wire to form a sphere. Wrap the Christmas lights around the ball of chicken wire and place wherever desired. 6 Party photo booth Host the coolest fall party and have a photo booth section to take snapshots of the good times! MATERIALS • 8-12 Strings of lights. • White sheets • Camera --HOW-TO ASSEMBLE IT: - 1 Hang the sheet from a curtain rod and place another on the floor to create a continuous white canvas. Hang and connect the strings of light together on the curtain rod and plug. Enjoy the good times and fun pictures ahead, heck, create an album with all the pictures and become the envy of all the party animals. 7 Shiny new bike! Have any rusty old bikes laying around the garage? Here's the chance to give it new life! MATERIALS • 3 - 4 Christmas light strings or extensions. • Old bike HOW TO ASSEMBLE IT: Wrap the bicycle in the strings of lights until fully covered. 2 Switch them in a power outlet or cord. 3 TaDa!!! Instant head turner at your next summer BBQ! (Be sure not to ride the bike!) SOURCES jar_light/ Christmas Lights Etc"

7 Ways you can light up this fall season!

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Wonder what excuse to make this year to decorate your home with Christmas lights a few month before the jingle bells come around? Here are 7 unique ways to start hanging them this fall!!!


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