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7 Ways to Hack a Drought

WAYS TO HACK A DROUGHT 1. LOOK FOR LEAKS 3. Add food coloring to your tollet tank. If you see color seep into the bowl-without flushing-you have a leak. 2. TURN OFF THE FAUCET PICK A GLASS Turn off the water while you wash your hands or brush your teeth. Fill a large container with water to wash dishes or fruits and veggies. And make sure faucets are definitely off after Designate one glass to drink out of or use a rehilable water bottle throughout the day to cut down on dishes. each use. 4. WATER YOURSELF I DON'T MIND! AND YOUR PLANTS Look for great ways to reuse (semi-clean) water for your plants. Think of the water left over from rinsing fruit and veggies in a bowl or those ice cubes that fell on the floor. 5. 6. SCRAPE YOUR DISHES Don't use running water to rinse food off or spot-clean dishes. 7. SKIP THE CAR WASH USE A TRASHCAN Reduce car washes in general. But when you do need one, go to a commercial car wash that recycles water. Flushing wastes tons of water. Throw tissues, insects and other stuff in the trash instead of the toilet. Sources: Water Use It Wisely, Mother Jones, U.S. Drought Monitor, Mercury News COLUMN FIVE

7 Ways to Hack a Drought

shared by tenquiet on Jun 13
In the summer of 2014, the hot topic of the season was that California was in a state of severe drought. I thought this would be a fun way to share how people could save water around the office.



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