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7 Ways to Cut Down Your Summer Energy Bill

7, I WAYS TO STOP SWEATING OVER YOUR ENERGY BILL THIS SUMMER More barbecues, beach trips, and sunshine mean just one thing: summer. But summer also comes with heat, humidity, and higher air conditioner use. In fact, the average home spends 17% of its energy budget on cooling.' Don't let high energy usage ruin your summer fun! These seven simple tips will help reduce your energy use at little to no cost. 1 LET THE COOL AIR IN Ever notice how it gets considerably cooler at night? Before you go to bed, try turning off your cooling system and keeping your windows open. You will be pleasantly surprised by how powerful natural cool air can be! 2 SUMMER CLEANING It's not a fun task, but experts recommend that you clean out air conditioner filters once a month. Like any other machine, the air conditioner won't run effectively with too much dust. So roll up your sleeves and start cleaning! 3 GET TO KNOW YOUR 78° THERMOSTAT This summer, try keeping your home a little bit warmer when you are away and setting the thermostat to 78°F when you are home. I DON'T ADD MORE HEAT Using the oven on a hot day sounds like a bad idea, right? Try to cook on the stove, use a microwave oven, or, even better, grill outside. 5 SEARCH AND SEAL Take a closer look at your walls and windows to identify places where hot air is leaking into the house. Not only will this help maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home, but the simple act of air sealing might save you up to $200! 6 UPGRADE TO ENERGY EFFICIENT PRODUCTS ENERGY STAR energih ENERGY STAR® certified light bulbs use about 75% less energy than traditional ones. Look for the ENERGY STAR® logo when buying new appliances, which indicates that the products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. 7 PHANTOM-PROOF YOUR HOME WITH SURGE PROTECTORS We know that it's difficult to remember to turn off your gadgets before leaving the house, but anything left plugged in during the day increases your bill by creating a "phantom load". ON Try connecting your appliances to surge protectors (which also keeps you from overloading your outlets) and turn off or unplug OFF the surge protectors when you leave the house for the day. Brought to you by Columbia Utilities, a family owned and operated energy supply company (ESCO) that provides oil, gas, and electricity in New York. Our family has been in the energy business for 75 years, and we dedicate ourselves to providing quality service, customer satisfaction, dependable energy, and competitive prices. For more information, please visit SHARED/more-100-ways-save-on-bill12-06.pdf 1 COLUMBIA UTILITIES 3

7 Ways to Cut Down Your Summer Energy Bill

shared by gkwon on Jun 19
This summer is going to be an oppressively hot and humid one, which means high air conditioner use. But don't let high energy bills ruin your summer fun! Here are 7 ways to save on energy this season ...


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