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7 Ways to Build a Supportive Community

7 mays to build a SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY Building a soulful community is a step-by-step, deliberate process to bring certain people into your life. First, decide on the kind of person you'd like to meet (friend, mate, colleague). Next, take specif- ic actions to make it happen. The truth is it takes commitment and action to add new people to your community. Create Your Community Profile Create a profile of the people you want to surround you. Here are characteristics and questions to ask while creating a profile of your ideal relationship: Physical Emotional Disposition Spiritual Belie Qualities • Should your friend be athletic and fit so you can participate in sports together? • Is this person honest, funny and communicative? • Would you like someone to share your religious orienta- tion? • What kinds of spiritual beliefs might this person have? • Is it important that this person have a spiritual life? • Do you want a relationship that is warm and loving? • Does style matter to you? • Do you like to be around casual people or get dressed up and go out on the town? • Do you want to be around a friend who is casual and fun? Career/Financial Interests bbies, Intellectual Interests Personal Interests • Is it important that a friend be well-read? • What kinds of hobbies or per- sonal interests would you like to share? • Should your friend be passion- ate about their work? • What kinds of intellectual inter- ests do you have-politics, education? • Do you enjoy gardening, thea- ter, recipes, crafts? • Do you and your friend share an interest in investing and finan- ces? Identify how you need to Grow to Fit the Profile Personally. Remember that "Like Attracts Like". If you're looking for someone with a high level of integrity, be sure that you're working to raise your integrity level as well. If you'd like a friend who is creative, you might want to look at how you're expressing creativity in your own life. The more you focus on developing the qualities that are important to you, the better the chances are of attract- ing a friend who shares your values and goals. Identify what might be Keeping You From Developing Deeper Relationships. ?? Afraid of Too Shy Too Busy Clueless Where and Embarrassed rejection How to 4 Choose a Friend, Family member, or Co-worker who Best Fits your Profile. Review what you've listed. Can you do this for several people? Let this friend know you want to spend more "quality" time together. Get together and risk sharing more of who you are and how you feel. 44 Strengthen Your Existing Relationships As you invest in the quality of your life, you automati- cally become more concerned with the quality of your relationships. You feel better about yourself and are less likely to tolerate the relationships that bring you down. Instead, look for those people who support you, excite and inspire you, and challenge you to be your best. When we share mutually supportive and loving relationships with others, it becomes much easier to make the import- ant changes that will improve our lives in a positive way. Best Friends Forever Take Action 6. Step out of your comfort zone. . . ... and risk a deeper connection. If you'd like to take an existing relationship to new level, tell that person directly. If there's someone you'd like to get to know better, pick up the phone and invite him or her to dinner. If you long to bring new relationships into your life, let three people in your community know about it. Remember that since most of us share the same desire, when you reach out, the chances are pretty good that someone will reach back. Make Your Intention Known Once you have identified that you would like to take your relationships to another level and whom the people are that you would like to connect with, follow these steps: Honor the relationship make time, be on time, pay attention, etc. Share your intention Plan a regular time to get together Dare to be intimate honestly. Make eye Ask meaningful, open-ended questions Listen more than Create an even contact you speak exchange of energy Questions to Ask when you want to take your Relationship Deeper There are a variety of questions you can use to take a relationship deeper. Ask a friend some of these meaningful questions: • What do you wish for, dream about, or long to do? • What have you always wanted to do? • How can I support you? • What kinds of things frighten you or make you feel stuck? • If you could do something fun and adventurous, what would it be? • What are you looking for in a friend? • What do you need to feel loved and cared for? The possibility for rich relationships exists all around you-you simply have to open your eyes, open your mouth and most importantly, open your heart. FavorExchange Source: 2]

7 Ways to Build a Supportive Community

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