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7 Tips for Indians to Live in Saudi Arabia

7 7 TIPS TOLIVE IN SAUDI ARABIA FOR EXPATS Opportunity Higher Salary & Benefit Packages Good Career 50% of Saudi Arabian employers will be hiring more employees and 75% of firms have a dozen of position to fill in. %24 is higher demand for qualified There professionals in Saudi Arabia than in any other country. The top 3 position are accrued by business management, followed by Surveys convey that salaries which are provided in Riyadh are really high when compared with other cities around that region. engineering and then administration level. Opportunity to Travel Almost all working professionals agree that they receive salary plus benefits which comes out to be a better paying structure. Opportunity to explore innerself 1. Al Masjid al Nabawi: World's second holiest You will be forced to self-analysis and look into yourself. You will be able to master on the talents which you always wished to have. mosque Al-Ula: Ancient hub of trade and commerce 2. 3. Dumat al Jundal: Dumah of the stone 4. Jabal al-Lawz: Bird watchers paradise and botanists Eden Jamarat Bridge: 6. 5. Jannat al-Baqu: Burial ground of many relatives and friends of the prophet Mohammed 7. The Jawatha Mosque: The earliest mosque built in East Arabia Masjid al-Qiblatain: The three earliest mosques in Islam's history 9. 8. Medain Saleh: Pre-Islamic archaeological site 10. Mount Uhud: Mountain, the site of second battle between Muslim and Meccan forces 11. Quba Mosque: The holiest of holies among the mosques in Madina, the oldest mosque in the world Shuwaymus: Rock carving site 12. BANNED ITEMS WOMENBEHIND THE WHEEL & TRAVELLING WITHOUT PERMISSION Saudi Arabia is the only country in the entire world which forbids women from driving. Women are not allowed to drive unless inside a private compounds or in the desert. OTHER RELIGIONS ARE BANNED The law prohibits non-Muslims to worship in public. The reason behind why there is no worship place for non-Muslims is due to the presence of two holy mosques in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and it would be sacrilegious. The ban is not just for worship but also for extend personal religious items such as Bhagavad Gita, Bible or symbols such as cross etc. 30 PORK IS BANNED The complete food which comes to the country should be halal. Not only the Muslims but also non-Muslims should follow the strict rules. SOCIAL MIXING OF SEXES IS BANNED AT HOTSPOTS Several malls which are solely allow families only, term family entails, themselves or men accompanying women. visiting mall women BANNED FROM SELLING OR WEARING ANY THING RED ON VALENTINE'S DAY Prohibits every flower shops and gift shops from selling anything in red which includes roses, heart shapes etc. If any shopkeeper violates it, then the penalty would be shutting down of the store. SKYPE, VIBER & OTHER VOIP COMPANIES AREBANNED The main reason for this action of ban in process is because there is a great loss in revenue for the telecom operators in Saudi Arabia. reason is 31.4% of Saudi Arabia populations consists of expats who comes over 9 million. When these masses of users switch to VolP, no wonder the government of Saudi Arabia has threaten the VolP providers. The main HOW TO MAKE VOIP CALLS RINGTOINDIA One stop solution provider for India calls from Saudi Arabia. You can use the service to make international calls as well. The service comes with VPN enabled Android app and thus you need not have to worry if the VolP is blocked or not. Ring PC Application | VPN enabled Android App TO INDIA AVOO Make cheaper international calls from Saudi Arabia. International calls. The perfect solution provider for PC Application | VPN enabled Android App VPN enabled iPhone App | Browser based 4. How to Greet, Contact & Converse with someone in Saudi Arabia Handshakes Arabs shake hands every time they meet you and every time when they leave you, irrespective of you being at an office, restaurant, street or at your home. Contacts Arabs even hold & hug each other, if close, they kiss. If an Arab doesn't touch you, then it might be because, they don't like you. Conversation Eye contact – often long & direct – is important. Starring not necessarily is rude except gazing at women. Pointing your pen or finger at someone is considered a threat. Distance in talking is much closer. HOSPITALITY Shoes Shorts & Sleeves Take off your shoes at the entrance Men should not wear shorts & women should not go out in short sleeves or sleeveless dresses Sitting Eating Avoid stretching legs in front of or sitting up higher than others. Use right hand to eat. Left hand is considered unclean. Touch and pass food with right hand only Leaving food becomes a symbol of abundance & thus compliments the host SS 6. When Outdoor Shoes - take off shoes at the entrance Men should not wear shorts & women should not go out in short sleeves or sleeveless dresses Do not talk loudly Do not walk directly in front of people praying Do not take pictures of people in a mosque, particularly women Mosque are considered to be shelters for homeless people Expect carpets not furniture at mosque 7 How to stay away from being Banned or Blacklisted You (expats) may get blacklisted if involved in activities Criminal Cases Civil Cases Moral Cases Labour Cases Which includes but not limited to Any loans from bank or company, unpaid or debts in credit card bills Any criminal offices such as fraud, robbery, embezzlement etc Any contagious diseases such as HIV, AIDS, HEPA etc Any false document or wrong information such as certificates (marriage, diploma, employment etc) Any illegal activities such as gambling and lottery Any immoral activities such as prostitution, adultery, soliciting sex, possession of pornographic content or even catch red-handed with boyfriend or girlfriend. Manufacturing & selling alcohol or liquor and other alcoholic beverages Bribery, corruption and fake driver's license references - - - - - -

7 Tips for Indians to Live in Saudi Arabia

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7 Tips for Indians to Live in Saudi Arabia [with Infographic] blog post: With a ratio of 3 out of 20 expats in Saudi Arabia and Indians ranking #1 for majority f expats in Saudi...


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