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7 Steps For Keeping Your Email Lists Clean

75 For Keeping Your Email Marketing Lists tips Clean Email subscribers are most frequently lost when people lose interest, change jobs, or in some cases close their accounts. In many cases, it's due to overly spammy newsletters. Anyone who has built their list for several years will know how important it is to keep their list clean, if only to get rid of poor marketing metrics. Brought to you by SAMPLE #1 Get Rid Of Hard Bounces Before a campaign, clear hard bounces. It's one of the best ways of keeping your domain protected for credibility. Manual Labor Some email marketing software providers have in- built tools that clean your list on an automated basis. In your list, you're bound to find emails that stem from typos, auto-correct mistakes and other similar traits. There is a chance that a portion of subscribers have provided an invalid or misspelled email address. Look out for emails that have the ".com" or ".net" misspelled, are missing the "@" symbol, or have the name and domain as numbers. #2 Remove Casualties #3 Casualties are names on a list deriving from specific company accounts. These email accounts are used within a specific department and/or company part. Examples: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Ask Before Removing If you have segments laying around that you haven't emailed in a while, perhaps before letting them go – sending a reengagement email to ask for their input is a good idea. #4 If their email account is still functional, there's a chance they might want to stick around or unsubscribe for good. Reengage List Keep your reengagement emails short and sweet. #5 Let them know about your latest ideas. Let them know that you'd love to have a conversation with them. It's an easy way of letting them know that you care about them. Data Driven Email Marketing #6 Your list should always be in top-notch condition, which means that your list is segmented in a way that reflects the overall engagement of each individual list member. A modern email marketing platform will usually have this feature by default, so there isn't all that much work left to do other than organizing and analyzing. Make It a Priority #7 Keep your email lists as one of the top priorities every year, emphasizing how important list hygiene and data quality are to your sending reputation. Source: Q qSample Online sample made easy

7 Steps For Keeping Your Email Lists Clean

shared by qSample on Jul 10
In his article, Alex provided five tips. We’ve expanded his findings to seven and presented them in visual steps we hope you find purifying. Keep it clean and keep reaching your target audience:


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