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6 Things James Bond Can Teach You About Content Marketing

JAMES HINGS TEACH YOU ABOUT CONTENT MARKETING The names marketing. Content marketing. Digital storytelling, creative strategy, whatever you want to call it - the art of creating valuable, relevant content is crucial in today's world. Consumer's eyes naturally disregard traditional advertising, which means you have to be the 007 of content to survive the marketing jungle. With 77% of marketers increasing their content production in the next year, it's time to grab that Martini and get ahead of the game! I. The Spy Who Loved Me 2. For Your Eyes Only Now you know who you're targeting, it's time to cater that content to make your audience believe you're talking directly to them. Serenade them with Curiosity doesn't always kill the cat, and in this case, it's the cream you need to target your customers directly. Before you do anything else in your content strategy calendar, do your secret agent work. Who exactly are you targeting? What are their needs? How can you fulfil them? Once you know this, you can fine tune every piece of content you put out to make it irresistible to your audience. your words in a fashion only smooth-talking Bond knows how. So what's the secret to killer content? Emotion. It's a proven fact that audiences respond better to content that induces positive emotions, such as awe-inspiring and surprising pieces. Figure out what makes them tick and use it to your advantage. 3. Tomorrow Never Dies 4. Octopussy All successful strategies have a well organised calendar behind them. What are you going to post, and when? Different holidays and events throughout the year can help mould your content. As well as your schedule, linguistic consistency also needs planning. Create a style guide that details the intricate details of grammar, the tone you which to There's a million and one fish out DAY there all producing 02 audience-luring content, so you're going to need a little quirkiness about you to stand out. Originality is the only way to attract new audiences: don't just spin out the same press releases as everyone else; get those creative tentacles tingling and develop a brand voice that will establish you as portray yourself and the approach to presentation and formatting of articles throughout the site. If you were a person, who a key figurehead in your industry. would you be? 6. Diamonds are forever 5. You Only Live Twice The moment you start shooting that golden gun of content through the web, you'll reap the rewards. Make the most of Everyone knows the benefits of recycling, and it's not just good for empty wine bottles and pizza boxes. If you've created super quality content, it doesn't have to linger on the web getting fewer and fewer hits: repurpose it and create something new. This could be in the form of an infographic, video, webinar, comic... analytics programmes to establish what's hitting the GoldenEye, and what's more of a Dr.No. Successful brand publishers treat their customers as their audience, then cleverly transform them into a buyer with sexy content. The question is - what kind of content will transform your readers into money-spenders? whatever funky format you can think of. BONDCAN

6 Things James Bond Can Teach You About Content Marketing

shared by NinaCresswell on Feb 16
Are you shaking up your content, or stirring it into a grey pool no one wants to read? There’s certain rules to follow when it comes to wowing your audience, and Mr Bond can teach us a lot about the...


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