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5 things that happen when you hit the snooze button

Things That Happen When You Hit the Snooze Button Getting out of bed when the alarm goes off isn't always easy. But think twice before snoozing your alarm. It may be tempting to catch a few extra zzz's, but it can mess with your sleep cycle and throw off day. Here's why you should break the snooze-button habit. Productivity plummets Hitting the snooze button can affect cognitive functions like focus, alertness, and decision-making. your You feel drowsier It messes up your sleep cycle Hitting the snooze button can actually make the period of grogginess, called sleep inertia, drag throughout the day It's a vicious cycle - you're sleepy, so you hit snooze, which makes you feel even drowsier, so you're more likely to snooze again tomorrow. AM 06:30 You miss out on deep sleep Dreams AAAAA V V VV get weird Waking briefly before dozing off again might prompt periods of REM sleep, known for vivid and bizarre dreams in Your body doesn't have time to fall back into 06:30 restorative deep sleep. Instead, set your alarm 15 minutes later, or get a power nap midday. the morning.

5 things that happen when you hit the snooze button

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Why Hitting The Snooze Button Will Screw Up Your Entire Day. ... If you're not getting enough sleep, your alarm clock is going off while your temp is still in the deep-sleep range. The air in your bed...


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