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5 Steps When Writing Your Will

5 Steps When Writing Your Will 01375 898 870 First step Second Step Inventory Heirs Create an inventory list of the important assets owned by you and you only. Identify who will take legal guardianship of your children and/or care for your pets. Designate to whom those assets will go on your death. Arrange financial support for your children (trustfund or a life insurance Create a counterpart list for any assets owned jointly. policy). Third Step Witnesses Find two witnesses and identify an executor for your estate. Witnesses to verify your signing of the will. When choosing your executor, you should pick someone you trust: common choices are a Witness 1: spouse, an adult child, your lawyer, or your bank. Witness 2: Signature: Fifth Step Fourth Step Updating It Storing It You should revisit your will on a regular basis, perhaps once a year. As your assets grow, you buy a house, etc., it's important for your will to reflect these changes in your financial picture. Once you have a will, you need to protect it. Most people choose to keep their will in a safe deposit box at their bank, or at their lawyer's office. Where ever you decide to store it, make sure that other people know where it is (ie., don't hide it in a secret safe in the woods). In the event of a divorce or other life change, you should make sure to change all relevant documents, not just your will. + ATTWOOD & CO SOLICITORS Source : Assets Heirs

5 Steps When Writing Your Will

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You've decided to write your will, but what steps do you take? What do you include? Who do you include? Well here's what you do...


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