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5 Display Advertising Mistakes That Hurt Your Web Design

5 WEB DESIGN MISTAKES to avoid when placing display advertising on your website It takes lots of effort to build brand recognition, trust and loyalty. Everything on your website must convey your brand personality, including the way your website looks and interacts. Avoid these 5 design blunders to ensure your ads don't hurt your website performance. avoid INTERSTITAL OVERLOAD instead ABOVE THE FOLD ADS Above the fold display ads result in a 4 beralyulleom 2.5% lift in CPM over below the fold ads. Interstitial ads are those pesky full screen ads that take over your site upon entry. Readers have to tap on the ad or close it to get to your site. These ads can annoy readers enough to make them leave, resulting in high bounce rates. Above the fold ads are visible to the reader right when they enter the site, and when done right, they don't interfere with content or detract from your site's design. avoid TOO MANY ADS instead 5 ADS PER PAGE Using this best practice ensures your ads don't dominate Ad clutter has several consequences: Search engine penalities Increased page and overtake your message and keeps your site running at optimal performance. load time Lost advertising revenue Poor user experience Pages with 5 or fewer ads have a 6.7% higher (PM avoid CRAZY LAYOUT instead STAY CONSISTENT Alydull com UNTIL THEY BCKLE E 70% Sites that pepper ads throughout a page with no placement pattern are hard to read and ugly to the viewer. Optimize your user experience through strategic ad placement. Choose a standard layout for your site and stick to it! pro tip: refer to IAB standards for tips on ad layout avoid DEVICE MISMATCH instead MOBILE-SPECIFIC ADS 32% of ad units are 68% mobile of ad units are desktop Mobile traffic is catching up with desktop. Mobile-specific ads are a key component of a user-friendly experience on mobile devices. Plus, they monetize better! Use mobile-specific ad units, like the 320x50px ad unit, to enhance your Where Beay Ges Pemant BIRCHBOK. mobile readers' experience and yield the most revenue from your mobile traffic. avoid BRAND CREEP instead STAY ON BRAND Aoul Advertising is a great way to monetize your website or blog, but monetization should never take away from your brand personality. Your brand story is communicated through your content, audience and design. While advertising is an integral part growing your brand influence, always stay true to your brand dna above all. Advertising tips and stats brought to you by SOvrn

5 Display Advertising Mistakes That Hurt Your Web Design

shared by sovrn on Jul 08
Digital advertising doesn't have to detract from your content. Just avoid these 5 common advertisement placement mistakes we see on a daily basis. Follow these steps to improve the way you place ads o...


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