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411 on Flower Etiquette

411 the on FLOWER ETIQUETTE Florists love to remind: 90% of surveyed sweethearts consider flowers the most sophisticated gesture of friendship or love. The flower industry and its etiquette are difficult to navigate: each bouquet can be interpreted by species, colors and occasion. Take a minute to crack the flower code with these 6 tips: TAKE ADVANTAGE WHEN THE FLORAL INDUSTRY ISN’T IN FULL BLO OM: of annual U.S. flower purchases are 30% for "No Special Occasion". 0000 4/5 WOMEN say they prefer getting flowers unexpectedly. of annual U.S. flower purchases 70% take place over 5 holidays: - Christmas/Hanukkah - Mother's Day - Valentine's Day - Easter/Passover - Thanksgiving KEEP YOUR FLOWER MESSAGES UNMIXED: To a co-worker: DAISIES provide cheer. To an ill friend: MARIGOLDS affirm resilience. For a first date: DAFFODILS demonstrate chivalry. For a girlfriend: DAHLIAS admire elegance. For a boyfriend: ORCHIDS commend virility. For a husband or wife: FORGET ME NOTS declare true love. For a parent: HONEYSUCKLES acknowledge devotion. FOR MAJOR EVENTS, SHOP WITH MEANING IN MIND: For a baby's birth: IRISES promote goodness. For [a] graduation: GARDENIAS wish luck. For a wedding: ORCHIDS witness love. For a funeral: LILIES restore peace. IMPRESS YOUR DATE WITH A BOUQUET FACT BREAKDOWN: TULIP: In 17th century Holland, speculators drove tulip prices so high a single bulb could sell for 10x the yearly salary of a skilled tradesman. LOTUS: Egyptians held lotus to be sacred because they can lie dormant for years during drought and rise again with rainfall. DANDELION: 1 cup of dandelion greens provides more vitamin A than a chicken liver. CROCUS: In order to get 1 lb of the precious spice saffron workers must hand pick fibers from 80,000 saffron crocuses. THISTLE: Scotland's national flower, wild thistle saved the Scots by stalling the brutal and barefoot Viking invasion of Scotland. ORCHID: Originating from the Greek orkhis, meaning testicle, the Ancient Greeks believed eating orchid tubers would help them produce sons. CRACK THE ROSE COLOR CODE: 43% of Valentine's roses sold last year were red: RED BLUE says says "You're my true love" "You are a mystery to me" WHITE BLACK says says "This is eternal love" "Death has separated us" or "I'm happy to be silent with you" or "I hate you" YELLOW PINK says says "We're friends" "You're full of grace" or "I'm betraying you" LAVENDER (or a thornless rose) says "This is love at first sight" ARMED WITH THIS FLOWER GUIDE, SKIP PROFESSIONAL FLORISTS AND SAVE MORE: $9 $36 The average floral purchase at the supermarket is $9. 4x more at professional florist shops. $32.6B $6.9B The U.S. floriculture industry is worth $32.6 billion. That's neartly 5x more than the $6.9 billion U.S. lawn and garden industry. Americans annually spend $6.2 billion on cut flowers alone. With even exotic tropical flowers found in grocery aisles next to gossip magazines and gum, it's no wonder Americans spend more on fresh cut flowers than on their own gardens. Choosing an arrangement from such abundance is confusing, but also more fun. Next time you're shopping for blooms for a loved one, consider how to make an even more thoughtful statement by building a bouquet with meaning in mind. END Brought to you by FRUGAL DAD SOURCES:

411 on Flower Etiquette

shared by kthorspear on Feb 13
Buyers just accept that flower prices increase tremendously around Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. And it’s funny that only 30% of annual flower purchases are made for “no special occasion” ye...


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