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4 Big Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Your Windows

4 Big Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Your Windows Normally you would think that choosing a sunny day will let you dry your windows quicker and better, but it is the opposite. You will be leaving more streaks on the windows than you can wipe them off. So, choose a dry, cloudy day or do it only on the shady parts of your house if it is sunny. Never start cleaning your windows right away. Vacuum the dirt and scrape out the bird droppings and other deposits on your window first. For more stubborn deposits, you can apply some hot water or a little bit of cleaner solution and then scrape it off with a scraper that doesn't damage your window glass Research on a proper cleaning solution or hire a window cleaning company and learn from them to manage the second time on your own. Please do not use the old newspaper trick to dry your windows because they leave behind paper deposits. Make sure to use a thick lint-free towel. You may need to pour/spritz it a lot to avoid streaks. Always follow the top to bottom approach to avoid dripping liquid and leaving streaks behind. Also, I am sure you can't do a proper job on some windows of your house while cleaning them from the inside-out. Doing so is also dangerous and so is using a ladder on your own to clean from the outsicde without any professional expertise or experience. Now if you keep in mind the points I just made, I am sure you can avoid some layman mistakes. But if you aren't cleaning your windows daily, isn't it much better to hire a good cleaning company once in a while and let them finish everything in a day while you relax sipping coffee on your backyard? J8, 19-21 George St North Strathfield NSW 2137 1300 916 779 Neil (Glass [email protected] CLEANING Wrong Materials? Approach and Safety Risks? choosing a sunny Dirt and Deposit? ihep

4 Big Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Your Windows

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Cleaning the windows on your own without any professional help is a very tedious choice. I have personally tried to do it multiple times on my own and even though I do a better job with each try, at t...





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