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24 Tips To Improve Your Conversions

ECOMMERCE & SEO 24 TIPS TO IMPROVE CONVERSIONS With many customers abandoning the high street in favour of the internet for their shopping needs, it's vital that your website does everything it can to convert as many visitors as possible into paying customers. Design & User Experience You U-U 0-8 to impress a site visitor before they leave. have seconds *** 2 Look at Competitor & Industry Leaders Have A Clear Feature Layout Reviews Avoid bombarding What are your Showcase positive feedback to reassure potential customers and Can you implement any instil confidence in your site and products. visitors with competitors doing well? overcrowded similar techniques on your site? pages. XXXX 4 5 Include An Internal Use Hi-Res Integrate Simple Sign-On Search Engine Images Make it easy for Use the best images possible; high quality pictures will allow your visitors to clearly see what they are buying and make your site look more professional. Add a search function to your site to improve navigation. Contextual search is great for returning customers and new customers previewing your products while a user searches, encouraging to create an account and log back in, without having to leave the current page. them to click and leading to a rise in Click Through Rate (CTR). READ NOW! A strong Call-to-Action (CTA) [2] can see conversions increase by more than 100% CLICK MEL 8. Use Simple, Add Prominent Clean Forms Calls-To-Action Simplify your form structure. Lengthy or unnecessary fields will frustrate users and may cause them to leave your pages. Emphasised calls to action can lead to a significant increase in conversions. Content CUSTOMERS WHO VIEW A PRODUCT VIDEO ARE 144% more likely to add it to their cart. 131 9 10 Repackage Your Content Remove Thin Content Add rich, descriptive content to pages to provide the user with essential information. Reuse existing content on your site in new formats. Turn old product pages into videos or interesting user comments into blog posts. 92 % of companies who post regularly achieve a sale directly from their blog. [4] ENEW 11 12) 13 Regularly Produce New Content Create Compelling Product Copy Split Test Content And Designs People who visit your site are likely to leave if they notice that your blog, social channels and forums Get creative with your product descriptions. Make your pages both entertaining and informative. Split test your site content and designs to see which peforms the best. are dormant. Technical and Code <html> <head> <title>A clear informative title</title> <meta name="author" contents="The page author"> </head> <body> <h1>This is the heading 1</h1> Here is your content introduction. <h2>This is a subheading</h2> Here is more content. </body> </html> COMPANIES HAVE SEEN A ★*** </> uplift in conversions 20-30% using Rich Snippels. [5] </> 14 15 16 Optimise Your Presence In Search Optimise Your Conversion Rates Improve Your Site's Speed Rich Snippets provide additional information Use Content Compress images, videos and other on to users when your business appears in the search results. Experiments in Google Analytics to enhance your website; maximising traffic, sales and profits. page files to ensure your website runs as fast and smooth as possible. These might be product reviews, prices or descriptions. Social Media f. in 8+ You Tube 18 19 20 Provide Clear Use Social Media Feeds Post Make Posts Social Signals Regularly Non-Promotional Add prominent links to your Populate your social media Add a Twitter Create engaging feed to your site posts, tweets, pins and +1s that aren't focused solely on your Facebook, and ensure that channels frequently to keep your profiles up to date and Twitter, it works at al| Google+, YouTube and times. You should also add sharing buttons so products and services, instead tailoring content to the interests of Pinterest profiles. people can share the content directing traffic to your site. easily from each your audience. page. Linking & URLI 22 Secure Quality Backlinks Check for Broken Li ks Produce high-quality content that naturally generates strong inbound links to your website. External links are also a great way to drive relevant traffic and increase the chance of Ensure all links are working correctly and are directing users to exactly what they are looking for. conversions. www. 23 24 Have a strong Connect pages URL structure together Optimise your URLS by including the product keywords - for example: Interlinked pages like 'related products' and people who bought this' should be listed on key pages to encourage people to view more. name Search engines will understand this information to help your pages rank higher for relevant searches. 6 Ben Norman Ben is a leading UK SEO Consultant and has extensive knowledge of search engine marketing. A regular writer on the subject, Ben's first book, 'Getting Noticed on Google along with the second revised edition has sold in excess of 50,000 copies. A third edition, "Get to No.1 on Google in Easy Steps' is now available, which is packed with useful information for those looking to learn SEO. Sources: [1] [2) Homepage-Makeover-How-to-Increase-Your-Conversion-Rate-106.aspx [3] [4] [5]

24 Tips To Improve Your Conversions

shared by BenNorman on Mar 20
An infographic detailing, in 24 tips, various steps you can take to improve your website's user experience and help increase its conversion rate.


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