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2 Steps to Communication Success

righttrack 85% of our success in life is directly attributable to our communication skills only 15% is due to technical knowledge 2 Simple Steps to Communication Success Identify what Colour' person you are communicating with. Sure, every one of us has a bunch of different traits, some of which are more pronounced than others depending on the situation. However, broadly speaking, we can split these characteristics into4 camps - Reds, Yellows, Greens and Blues - and very easily learn to identify in which a person fits. Think of someone you communicate with regularly at work: a customer, colleague or manager. Now see if you can identify which Colour' they are. G8n Confident Enthusiastic Fast- Yellows расed Strong Willed Reds Easlly distracted Optomistic Intense Imaginative Opinionated Sociable Goal- orientated Animated Blues 目 Perfectionist Patlent Greens Formal Emotional Organised Good Listeners Analytical Understanding ka D Thinkers Now all you need to do is learn how best to adapt your communication style & approach to meet their needs as a Red, a Yellow, a Blue or a Green Agreeable Adapt your approach Naturally we tend to communicate with people in the way that we would like to be communicated with ourselves, however, this won't always help you to build rapport and achieve the best outcomes. For example, if you are a Red and I ama Yellow, DON'T: come to me all task-focussed and serious, focussing only on objectives and goals DO: have a chat with me first, don't get too formal and give me room to be enthusiastic and creative if I want 1. Get to the point quickly 2. Minimise small talk 3. Focus on facts, goals, results & outcomes 4. Avoid too much detail 5. Allow them to feel in With Reds control Withlows I being impersonal, business-like or task orientated 2. Give recognition 3. Be enthusiastic & energetic 4. Кееp up the расе 5. Be friendly & sociable With Blues 1. Take your time & listen 2. Explain things in full 3. Be sincere & develop trust 4. Be friendly & show genuine interest 5. Look out for non-verbal signs of concern 1. Be organised & punctual 2. Be factual, specific & logical 3. Listening is important 4. Be precise & consistent 5. Allow reflection time With Greens Now pin this infographic to your taskbar and next time you're on the phone to a customer, talking to an enquiry or about to go to a meeting with a colleague: 1. Think about what 'Colour' they might be 2. Decide how you can adapt your communication style or approach to build rapport and reduce conflict. There's a very good reason why psychometrics, in their various forms, have stuck around. However, none are delivered in quite the same way as we do on a Righttrack programme. Our innovative, fast-paced and engaging Colours Card Game is a simple, memorable and effective way of helping people understand themselves and others better. It is without any doubt a favourite amongst delegates and customers (and the Righttrack training team alike!) At Righttrack, we know that the best training programmes are those that leave a long-lasting, positive impression upon the minds of those who attend. As well as equip people with a set of relevant skills and techniques that they are not only confident to implement, but excited to do so! Call us on +44 (0)1527 595955 if you are interested in finding out how we would approach the design and delivery of your in-house training. (Or if you'd prefer to chat over coffee then remind us to bring the Colours Card Game; you won't be disappointed!) * Research carried out by the Carnegie Institute of Technology, as reported in Forbes December, 2012 To find out more visit:

2 Steps to Communication Success

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This simple infographic is based on our innovative Colour of Communication self-assessment. Colour of Commuication is a fast-paced, engaging and memorable activity that delivers powerful ways to buil...


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