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16 Simple Tips And Strategies For Giving Awesome Talks And Presentations

OGETLIFEMAPS.cOM PRESENTATIONS & TALKS TIPS & STRATEGIES Details, focus, order simplicity, clarity, visuals, emotion People will forget what you say and do, but they will never forget how you make them feel. - Unknown KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE ASK QUESTIONS Fears • Pleasures • What keeps them up at night • Reason for resisting what you share with them Engage brains • Help listeners draw their own conclusions • Replace statements with questions Age • Daily activities Pain FOCUS ON ONE BE SPECIFIC AND DETAILED One BIG idea • One dominant emotion • One strong benefit • Drill deep, not wide Include specific names, numbers, places • Add details that add crystal clarity to my words and Focus on quality over quantity ideas CLARIFY A COMMON ENEMY DRESS UP NUMBERS A weakness • An entity • A person • A resource (time, energy, etc.) Give numbers real meaning • If you say 'a billion dollars', explain the size of a billion dollars, or what a billion dollars could buy 112 314 TAP INTO EMOTIONS KEEP IT SIMPLE Make them feel something (happy, excited, curious, amazed, thankful) • Connect with th senses (get them to imagine: sights, smells, tastes) Less is more • Use simple words, phrases, ideas Think billboards or Twitter headlines Summarize concisely STICK TO THE RULE OF 3 LIVEN IT UP EVERY 10 MINUTES Highlight 3 'chunks' or messages you want your audience to receive • or analogies around those messages Regain attention • Tell a relevant story • Show a Do something out of the ordinary Develop metaphors relevant visual CREATE BRIDGES BE A GREAT SPEAKER Show the audience how to go from what is to what can be - from where they are now to where they need to be Be natural and enthusiastic • Pause for emphasis Maintain great eye contact Connect individual ideas and thoughts (the Bucket Brigade) CREATE MEMORABLE MOMENTS CONVEY THE NEXT ACTION Share something (a phrase, story, visual) they'll remember and talk about • Start with a story: Take the audience on a journey What to do, eliminate, change, review, practice, pay attention to might resist taking action and how to overcome it Be specific • Address how they MAKE IT VISUAL PRACTICE ... A LOT! Illustrations • Metaphors • Stories • Typography • Use: Color, contrast, people, emotion-evoking images Symbols Especially the introduction and conclusion MAKE THE IDEA CLEAR AND EMOTIONALLY COMPELLING a presentation tips | public speaking tips | presentation tips from steve jobs | presentation ideas | how to presentations | how to public speak

16 Simple Tips And Strategies For Giving Awesome Talks And Presentations

shared by derekonline on May 20
This visual LifeMap contains 16 simple strategies that will help supercharge your next talk or presentation.


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