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12 Tips To Painlessly Move Into Your Dorm!

12 Tips To Painlessly MOVE INTO YOUR DORM Every summer thousands of college students move into their university's dorms. We're here to help make your experience a little less stressful. Make a checklist ofeverything you will need to take. To get a good starting point, check out your college's "Resident Life" page on their website, most schools provide a basic list. PLAN Talk to your roommate beforehand and figure out who is going to bring the larger items. You don't need two microwaves or TVs. LAY OUT EVERYTHING YOU'RE TAKING If possible, plan on packing up the car/truck the night Decide when to move - pick a time and AND RECONCILE date so anyone helping you move can plan accordingly. Avoid "Moving Rush Hour" in the dorms by not doing it the very first morning you can move in. IT WITH YOUR PREVIOUSLY before. This will make DETERMINED your big "Moving Day" CHECKLIST. half the work. Use similarly sized boxes to stack as efficiently as possible. Make sure to put the heaviest on the bottom! РАСKING WRAP BREAKABLES IN T-SHIRTS OR CLOTHES TO PROTECT YOUR ITEMS AND SAVE ON BUBBLE WRAP. You will want the most important items to be removed first, so they will need to be loaded last. Get your fridge plugged in & cooling down and a fan going to get your room to a comfortable temperature while you're unloading. Make sure to fill boxes to the lop. This prevents them from collapsing when stacking. DRESS IN LIGHT, BREATHABLE CLOTHES. YOU WILL BE MOVING AROUND QUITE A BIT AND WILL MORE THAN LIKELY SWEAT. UNLOADING Carefully fill out your room damage form. Otherwise you may be responsible for the damage and get charged to fix it when you move out. Have a few lighter items available that you can start unloading in case the elevators are being used. At the end of the school year don't move everything homé again. Research self storage facilities near you and store your belongings in a secure unit until it's time to start the Fall semester. SOURCES: D+

12 Tips To Painlessly Move Into Your Dorm!

shared by guardiansc on Jul 24
General overview of tips on how to effectively move into your dorm room at the start of the semester.


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