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12 Super Easy Tweaks to Speed Up Google Chrome Browser

12 Super Easy Ways To Speed Up Google Chrome ....... **************** 1 Disable Plugins The more constantly running plugins you have, the more slow will chrome perform. Since plugins are a part of chrome, they take resources reserved for chrome decreasing speed and performance of chrome. So, remove as many unused plugins you have to increase speed. Disable Extensions 2 Extensions also have the same effect as plugins or sometimes more than that. It gives Slow Performance through Higher Resource Usage as well as Higher Risk of Security Holes. Disabling unnecessary extensions can avoid these. 3 Clear Browsing Data A lot of Old Browsing History as well as storage of cache's, auto-form fills, passwords can take up a lot of disk space and resources. So, cleaning it from time to time assures you to give better performance & efficiency. Clear Thumbnails 4 The visited site's thumbnails gets automatically stored on the New Tab page which loads everytime you open a New Tab thus making the loading process of New Tab much slower. 5 Disable Developer Mode Developer Mode can sometimes make you select something weird that can affect Google Chrome and its performance and efficiency. So, it's better to disable it if you are not aware of the Developer functions. Disable Proxy 6 If Google Chrome seems to take a long time to load a website or search, it may be configured to access pages through a web proxy. So,disabling proxy plays a major role in speeding up your browser as well. Scan for Malware Any kind of malware can significantly harm your browser resulting in decreased performance and efficiency. So, scanning for malware makes sure your browser doesn't gets affected with malwares. Disable Hardware Acc. 8 If your browser seems lagging, then it's due to a large amount of resources taken by Chrome from your PC. This results into lagging of Chrome as well as your PC and can cause an adverse effect. 9 Stop Chrome Background Allowing Chrome run in the background is always good for the browser itself, but not for the PC. It can greatly affect memory distribution and performance of PC and in turn affects Chrome. Network Prediction 10 Network Prediction is the prerendering of webpages done by Chrome that already loads the page before you visit it. But sometimes, prerendering hundreds of links can take a huge bandwidth and can reduce efficiency and speed of the browser. 11 Stop Flash Animations Flash Animations are the biggest resources consumers which loads everytime a browser is started. So, stopping unnecessary flash animations can significantly increase your browser's speed and performance. Change Memory Allocation 12 If you have lots of unused RAM then giving access of that RAM to Chrome can be the best use to boost up the performance, speed as well as effi- ciency of Chrome. You can change it to the maximum by visiting chrome://flags TECH PC TRICKS Technology Simplified

12 Super Easy Tweaks to Speed Up Google Chrome Browser

shared by Paras16699 on Jul 12
Know the 12 Super Easy Ways to Speed Up Google Chrome Browser which are simple yet effective and will significantly improve browser's speed & performance.


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