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12 DIY Recipes for Home and Body

D.I.Y. TIPS for +) EVERYTHING HOME BODY ELSE If you're looking to save, finding ways to do-it-yourself is a great start, especjally when so many DIY tools cân be found on your own shelves. This collection of DIY tips, tricks and recipes will keep money in your pocket without letting your home, body or anything else turn to shambles. +) GLASS CLEANER HAND LOTION SHOWER HEAD CLEANER 240ml surgical spirit 240ml baby lotion If your shower head is clogged, simply fill a plastic bag with vinegar, and secure it over the shower head with a rubber band. Leave it there 240ml water 120ml petroleum jelly 15g white vinegar 120ml vitamin E cream Mix these three ingredjents in Mix the ingredjents with an electric mixer until it resembles icing, and place in an airtight contajner. A fabulous over night, and by the next day your shower will be a spray bottle and use on chrome fixtures, mirrors and windows. Just spray and rub down with a paper towel or running smoothly. homemade mojsturizer that cloth. will last for months. How DIY CAN SAVE You BIG E1.98 £.98 DIY VERSION GLASS CLEANER STORE-BOUGHT GLASS CLEANER +) AIR FRESHENER NAIL WHITENER LABEL REMOVER Najls looking a bit less than white? Try scrubbing them with toothpaste. t's a natural bleaching agent, and with a few drops of lemon Juice, is 120ml bicarbonate of soda Have a label to remove but want to avoid that sticky residue? Simply turn your hairdryer to its highest heat and point it at the label for 45 seconds. If it needs more or 120ml vinegar 4-5 drops lemon Juice Place either of these options guaranteed to remove stajns into a bowl and leave around and add shjne. time, Tust add 45 more. the house. They'll absorb odors, instead of masking them like store-bought fresheners. How DIY CĐCAN SAVE You BIG FREE VS. O €7.75 DIY LABEL REMOVER STORE-BOUGHT LABEL REMOVER +) CARPET CLEANER HAIR MOISTURISER FRUIT FLY TRAP 240ml white vinegar 2 eggs 80ml oljve oil 120ml apple cider vinegar 5g dish soap 240ml water Mix the ingredients together in a spray bottle and spray directly onto stajn. Let sit for Combine the eggs and the olive oil in a bowl. Apply to hair and massage for a few minutes, then cover with an old Got fruit flies? Pour apple cider vinegar into a bowl, then mix in the dish soap. The vinegar will attract the flies, and the soap will take 'em a few minutes, then clean with a brush or sponge and warm, towel for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and condition. The fatty acids from the olive oil and the protein from the eggs get into the strands, making your hair stronger and shinjer. Soapy water. down. £.30 £4.00 How DIY CAN SAVE YoU BIG VS. DIY HAIR MOISTURISER STORE-BOUGHT HAIR MOISTURISER +) RUST REMOVER SHOE POLISH SPONGE DISINFECTANT 45g salt 1 lime, Juiced 80ml olive oil 4-5 drops lemon Juice Next time you're about to toss out a contaminated sponge, try tossing it into a microwave-safe bowl and zapping it for two minutes instead. This will kill 99% of bacterja in the Sponge. Place the rusty item in Blend the olive oil and the question into a bowl and Sprinkle liberally with salt. Pour lime Juice over and allow to sit for 2 to 3 hours. Use lemon Juice, apply to shoes and leave for a with a few minutes, then polish with a clean cloth. Not only will your shoes shine, but they'll simell nice too! the leftover lime rind to scrub the rusty residue away. How DIY CAN SAVE You BIG &+O DIY RUST REMOVER VS. £.30 STORE-BOUGHT RUST REMOVER £4.00 REFERENCES 1. Compare supermarket prices | Online supermarket shopping | Save Money on Top Offers. (n.d.) Retrieved 16 September 2013, from http://www.mysupermarket, 2. Buy Surgical Spirit 500 ml, £1.95. pharmacy Products, Online Pharmacy. (n.d.) ChemistDirect. Retrieved 16 September 2013, from 1_16769 html 3. Goo Gone Cleaning Liquid - 29 mL. (n.d.) Retrieved 24 September 2013, from QRQ02 4. T-Cut Rust Magic Pen | Car Cleaning. (n.d.) ASDA Direct. Retrieved 16 September 2013, from, default.pd.html O QuickQuid Quick Loans to Suit You

12 DIY Recipes for Home and Body

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If you’re looking to save, finding ways to do-it-yourself is a great start. This infographic shows you 12 practical DIY projects to keep as much money in your pocket as possible. You can even print ...





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