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11 Steps to Voice-Over Success

@Steps to Voice-Over Success! ( Voice-over actors give life to animation works, enlighten us through film narration, and bring energy to radio and television commercials. The industry is estimated to be worth $12.3 billion worldwide, and is expanding into new mediums such as mobile radio, apps with audio, and podcasting. Your demo is a crucial tool in your quest to find voice-over work. How do you make an amazing voice- Discover what it takes to promote your voice and acting skills while uncovering the basic truths about what works and what doesn't. demo? Step 1: Do your market research. 5% most popular demo types searched on Job Posts • Evaluate trends and popular voice-over applications • Use resources such as Forrester Research, Nielsen, and the National Association of Broadcasters to gauge the trends & growth of your target industry 65% 25% A Business Telephone @ Internet I Television Business Related Education * Educational Identify your preferred voice-over role: Step 2: Know Your Performance Preference NEW Instructor Spokesperson • Pick a target application (commercial, narration, animation, etc.) • Aim for the work you want or are best suited for Narrator Real Person Announcer Step 4: Get help Step 3: Map out your demo timeline. if you need it. Demos fall into three main categories: • Seek voice coaches, teachers, or seminars • Build relationships with local recording studios Commercial (60-90 seconds) • Should highlight a full range of emotions, "selling" styles, moods, and characters s NEW! BRILAIANT Step 5: Write your own scripts, buy them, or work with a producer. Narration (90 seconds, up to 5 minutes for audiobooks) • Choose a style that's appropriate for business, educational, medical, technical, or storytelling Keep the tone conversational and friendly Select a variety of topics Avoid using brand names Consider using royalty-free scripts or working with a producer Animation (60-120 seconds) • Feature 8-12 characters, each with a distinct tone, sound, and style • Humorous scripts tend to be better for animation-focused demos For Internet distribution, plan to keep your demo to no more than: Step 6: Rehearse your script. • Know your character • Listen to music of the time period • Practice speaking in character Know how the story ends before you get there 60 Secs OR MB Step 8: Findmusic & sound effects. Step 7: Record your demo. • DIY with software such as Sound Forge, Cubase, or GarageBand • Contact a local recording studio to use more sophisticated equipment • Use multitrack recording to add depth and layers to your recording Avoid using music in demos for audiobooks and narration Choose music that is appropriate, complementary to your voice, royalty-free, or licensed Music is typically used in demos for commercials, animation, promos, telephony, trailers, imaging, & jingles. of television advertisements feature music. More than 90% Step 9: Edit, mix, and master your demo. • Your voice should be the loudest and clearest element of your mix • Export your recording as an MP3 and AAC file • Test your mix on a variety of stereo systems Step 10: Upload your demo. Commercials for broadcast television Sophisticated, Television • Upload your demo to sites like to increase visibility • Properly name and describe your demo with: • Name of demo • Description • Tags • Category • Language • Voice Age English/British - Young adult Commission that most voice talent agents receive 10% 15% Step 11: Promote your voice and manage your career. SAG, AFTRA, ACTRA, and AEA Unions that accept voice talent inclusions • Manage your voice work like a small business - because it is! • Keep track of all expenses • Create a professional website • Add your professional experience to social profiles and link to your demo Sources. American Federation of Television and Radio Artists | Dave Courvoisier's Voice Over Blog Journal of Advertising Research | | Voice Over Times To learn more about starting a career in voice acting, or to find voice-over talent, visit for more information. Sponsored by: (

11 Steps to Voice-Over Success

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Voice-over actors give life to animation works, enlighten us through film narration and bring energy to radio commercials. The industry is estimated to be worth $12.3 billion worldwide, and is growin...



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