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10 ways to avoid being like David Brent

10 ways to avoid being like David Brent pass these tips onto your boss, it's for his own good! 1.) Don't try to be the "funny guy". Most people will automatically put you into the boss box, therefore straight away you arent going to be found funny, and trying to crack people up is only going to make you look worse! Keep awkward silences 2.) to a minimum. David Brent is well known for making almost every situation as awkward as possible. Avoid any awkward silences in the office, or people might just start to doubt your ability to manage. 3.) Strictly no jokes. Knock knock. Who's there? Nobody, because I'm not going to tell any jokes. You don't know who might be listening and who you might offend, so strictly no jokes! When you're team building, 4.) don't bring your guitar. Team building is a great way to get everybody together and to increase motivation in the office. Unless you're Jimi Hendrix, leave your guitar at home. 5.) Don't hire a secretary for your own self-esteem. Brent hired a secretary and had to sack her within a week, why? Well, there wasn't any work for her to do! Don't hire a secretary to look important, please! A suit and tie is fine. 6.) You need to make a good impression on your employees. and that means no leather jackets or shoes with a big heel. Unless you want people to start calling you Mr. Travolta. 7.) Don't use any slang when talking. If you think saying things like "innit" and "big time" is cool, well guess what, it isn't. People will start to look at you like a lost teenage boy rather than a respected boss. You get me? Be prepared for presentations. 8.) If you've agreed to be a guest speaker at a conference or you're presenting a new product internally, be prepared. Don't turn up with your cap flipped around and play cheesy music as a means of inspiration. 9.) A pub quiz is just a bit of fun. Whether it's your monthly pub quiz or a charity fundraiser, have a bit of fun with it. Whatever you do, don't get overly- competitive with your own colleagues or act jealous if they win, you'll just look like a spoilt little kid! At least look busy! 10.) If you're the boss, you have endless amounts of responsibilities, It would seem. Getting a massage from a colleague or "boosting the morāle" shouldn't be at the top of your pile, motivate in the right ways! Infographic by @WaveOffice WAVE OFFICE: sources: buzzdome

10 ways to avoid being like David Brent

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David Brent, one of the funniest comedy characters of any series on TV. But there's one thing, he's a lousy boss! Here we present 10 ways to avoid being like David Brent in the office. Pass it on to y...


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