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10 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Make You Money

10 SIMPLE LIFESTYLE CHANGES THAT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY $ We'd all like a little more money. But more often than not, monthly outgoings combined with impulse spending leaves our bank balances looking desperate before pay day. Granted, life without the odd indulgence would be dull – but if you really are serious about saving this year, it's time to make a change. 1 WASTE LESS FOOD SPEND IN CASH COLLECT YOUR COINS Freeze meat and bread if you don't think you will eat them before their use-by date to Not only does sticking to cash prevent you from spending money you don't actually have, but you'll be more likely to stick to a budget if you only have the money in front of you. Make a commitment to saving all of your loose change in a money-jar which isn't accessible until it's full. preserve them for longer. SAVE SAVE SAVE It is estimated that the cost of wasting food is around £470 Research shows that people spend 12-18% less when Collecting just £4 a week in change will leave you with £208 a year to pay into a year for households without children, and up to £700 a year with. shopping with cash instead of credit or debit cards. your account or towards the balance of credit cards. 4. 6 TURN RETHINK YOUR LEAVE THE ELECTRICAL GOODS TREATS CAR AT HOME OFF AT THE PLUG A task as simple as switching off home appliances at the plug, rather than leaving them on standby, is the easiest way to reduce outgoings. According to a recent survey, 75% of us indulge ourselves twice a week. If your commute is only a mile or two, making time to walk will enable you to miss traffic, improve your health and save a small fortune. SAVE SAVE SAVE Regardless of whether your therapy is cocktails, clothes, or The typical UK household The average person could save £400 every year by could save between £50-£90 a year on food, the average UK consumer walking instead of driving the electricity bills by being more could save £1,716 a year by journey to school or work. energy-conscious. limiting their treats. 8. BECOME KITCHEN SAVVY TURN THE HEATING DOWN Try turning down your main central heating thermostat by just 1'C, enough to save money but not enough to notice the difference. With a little more mindfulness, the average UK household could easily save money each year by using their kitchen appliances more efficiently. SAVE SAVE Washing up in a bowl – rather than under a running tap - A typical three-bedroom semi-detached house with gas central heating could typically save around £85 to £90 a year. could save £30 a year, while doing laundry once less a week would save £5 a year. 10 FORGO YOUR MORNING SAY GOODBYE TO COFFEE SHOP TREAT BRANDS Considering most people cannot tell the difference in a blind taste test when Spend as little as £5 on a reusable thermos flask and take a hot drink with you from home on your daily commute.. comparing branded to non-branded foods, it pays to swap. SAVE SAVE Spending an average of £2.50 every working day on a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, equates to Supermarket-own brands are significantly cheaper than branded products, meaning an average household could save £3,076 per year. an annual spend of £625. ********* **** If all of the above tips were implemented, IONEY & over £6,000 could be saved each year. *********: ********* Take control of your future and s MONE commit to making the necessary ONEY £ changes to ensure this year is more financially successful than the last. **********££££********* SOURCES Burkeman, 0. (2012). This column will change your life: use cash, save money. Buswell, F. (2016). Have your treats turned into a money drain. Buswell, F. (2016). How to reduce food waste at home and save money. Elkins, K. (2015). 21 lifestyle changes to make if you want to save more money. Energy Saving Trust. (2016). Energy saving quick wins. Inhabitat. (2015). How to make fresh food last longer. Keefe, J. (2015). Stop spending: tips and tools to help you fight yourself. Rutt, R. (2015). Energy saving tips: How much money could I save by putting on another jumper instead of turning up the heating a smidge? On Stride O O0 This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License - FINANCIAL

10 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Make You Money

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Do you want to know the secret to being wealthy and living comfortably? It’s not just earning a big salary, but learning how to save! Ready to start saving? Then be sure to read the rest of tips below.


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