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10 Great Tips of Choosing a Hunting Binoculars

10 GREAT TIPS OF CHOOSING A HUNTING BINOCULARS Do not go for binoculars with highest magnification. Best binoculars for hunting are often those with a lower magnification of 8x or 10x. If you deciede to go for more magnification the images will be harder to stablize. MAGNIFICATION 1,000 yards Most Hunter prefer binoculars with a FIELD OF VIEW wider field of view. The lower the (FOV) magnification the greater the Field of View. Hunter are often on the go and need to travel light, so lighter and more compact binoculars are easy to use and perfect for hunters SIZE & WIGHT This glass is used for huntng binoculars for its ability to reduce chromatic aberration. Choose hunting binocular that have ED glass. lenses of ED ED GLASS GLASS ROOF PORRO Roof prism binoculars produce higher qualtiy image. They are also lighter and convenient to handle PRISM ANTI REFLECTIVE COATING A fully multi-coated binocular is best. The coating will improve the light transmission and you can see the prey more clearly. The larger the exit pupil, the more light reaches the eye, and vice versa. Therefore, hunters who hunt in low light conditions should choose binoculars with larger exit pupils in order to see clearly in dim EXIT PUPIL light. Hunting binoculars either come with a center focus or individual focuses for each eyepiece. For Hunting persepctive center focus binos are ideal. FOCUS Hunting binocular must be water and fog proof. So check it before buy! is it water and fog proof or not? PROOF DESIGN WATER AND FOG Durability and design Grip OTHER THINGS Eye reliefs Eye cups TO CONSIDER Rangefinder options Ease of use Popularity Brought You by Binoculars Guru Go to my website for more hunting tips and tricks LBINOCULARS -GURU-

10 Great Tips of Choosing a Hunting Binoculars

shared by rifen89 on May 01
Binoculars for hunting is one of the important element for hunters. In this 10 great tips of choosing a hunting Binoculars infographics we tried to sum up main criteria that a hunter must consider bef...


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