How to Make Money on the Internet

MONEY MAKING IDEA #1: BUILD A WEBSITE, BUT MAKE PEOPLE PAY TO SEE IT. YOU* HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET BEFORE THIS CHART AFTER THIS CHART *You are a cyclops. Why? Because you lack vision. STUFF PEOPLE AREN'T PAYING FOR ANYMORE (1 BAD NEWS The internet has made a lot of stuff free. WORD BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAI GOOD NEWS “A lot of stuff " includes MONEY! MUSIC WORDS ON PAPER : PORN MONEY $AY WHAT?! YOU: THANK YOU. I'D LIKE TO HEAR MORE! < WHAT. < YOU: MONEY MAKING IDEA #000: PURCHASE THE WEB PREFIX UWW. "UNIVERSE WIDE WEB"-THIS WILL BE A HOT COMMODITY SOMEDAY!! YOU: RESPECT A POLITE STRANGERS WOW! THANKS TO THE INTERNET YOU: money is now free–if you are SURPRISINGLY, B YOUR TRUE LOVE THE FACT THAT YOU'VE LAID BARE smart enough to know where to C PASTOR YOU INSULTED ME THE MECHANICS OF look for it. Or if you are dumb, D EMOTIONALLY DISTANT FATHER MY PSYCHE. I AM MAKES ME but have a smart friend who RESPECT YOU E KANYE WEST TOTALLY WILLING TO MORE, NOT LESS. BELIEVE ANYTHING showed you this chart. RESPECT YOU GIVE PEOPLE YOU SAY NOW. MONEY MAKING IDEA #1622: FLIP A FLOOD-RAVAGED HOME USING YOUR BLOG'S VALUATION AS EQUITY. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! SOLD VIA action figures painted to look like different action figures PEEP THE TECHNIQUE e.g. etsy e.g. World of Warcraft e.g. Second Life entrepreneurs A SECOND PARTY letter-pressed greeting cards t-shirts massively multiplayer online role-playing game sell virtual goods for real money ugly jewelry crowdsourcing THAT YOU MADE CLOUD SUBSCRIPTION- BASED SOFTWARE THAT YOU THAT YOU TRICK COMPUTING OTHERS INTO MAKING DIDN'T MAKE PAY-PER USE e.g. paypal apps AN ONLINE SOLD VIA A SECOND PARTY GOODS EXTENSION OF AN EXISTING STORE e.g. sex e.g. Ebay online tutoring SERVICES e.g. e.g. the Wall Street Journal NEWS e.g. AdSense SELL email lists STUFF CONTENT MOVIES - INFORMATION consumer browsing habits e.g. Netflix WORDZ TARGETED ADVERTISING e.g. Reddit MUSIC e.g. iTunes search engine optimization e.g. Never Not Funny Facebook ONLINE PODCAST COMMUNITY You recommend products and are paid a percentage of HOSTING tech support SUPPORT sales or link clicks. AFFILIATE e.g. Tumblr MARKETING DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM e.g. Blogger design ghost write Tweets for famous people copywriting ADVERTISING TWITTER SELL YOUR TWITS chart making TO ATTRACT GIVE STUFF VIEWERS WHO WILL BE EXPOSED TO: to the television e.g. BoingBoing AWAY e.g. shitmydadsays ASK FOR to a faceless corporation DONATIONS e.g. Wikipedia SELL YOUR BLOG VIDEOS BLOG sell your vlog to hollywood! e.g. YouTube users link aggregation to a publisher WEBCOMIC VLOG e.g. Fred identity theft e.g. HarkaVagrant e.g. StuffWhitePeopleLike credit card fraud CYBER OTHER CRIME SPECULATION domain name flipping key loggers MALWARE MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING CONVENIENCE FEES e.g. Ticketmaster spambots currency trading spyware e.g. Amway fill out surveys FAST OMPANY DOOGIEHORNER.COM MONEY MAKING IDEA #387-X: MAKE A SEARCH ENGINE LIKE GOOGLE, BUT BETTER. RESPECT PEOPLE GIVE YOU -------

How to Make Money on the Internet

shared by Angel on Dec 15
This infographic blends humor and logic to provide information on the best way to make money on the internet. It provides a diagram to show the different internet money making ventures and specific ex...


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