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The Homes of Middle Earth

THE HOMES OF MIDDLE-EARTH The vivid history and landscapes of Middle-earth mean that, despite a turbulent recent past, it remains one of the most in-demand destinations for both holidaymakers and house buyers. Here's a guide to so of the most interesting properties currently on the market. Ot Door Address: Previous Occupants: A Window O Hearth Hobbiton, Bungo and Belladonna Baggins, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, Lotho Sackville-Baggins, The Shire. Built circa TA 2889. Sam Gamgee and family. This most luxurious of smial-type hobbit-holes is one of the most sought-after properties in the quiet, scenie villagè of Hobbiton. A very spacious home, crafted with precision, it benefits from high(ish) ceilings, well-kept grounds and multiple kitchens, cellars and pantries. Bordering an open field, with space to comfortably accommodate large gatherings, it will appeal to the adventurous of spirit. ΕND ВAG Bedrooms Elosets Kitchen Garden Cellars and Pantries Best Bedroom Coat Hooks Kitchen Drawing Room Sitting Room Study Front Hall Dining Room Parlour Path Porch Lane Flower Garden Address: Previous Occupants: Below the Misty Gollum (née Sméagol). Mountains. GOLLUM'S CAVE Formed in Ancient times. Black Crack Great Goblin's Platform Front Porch Tangled Est. Passages 5 miles Great Cavernm Est. 30 miles (Over 2 days) Side-Passages Gollumis Lake Back-door Don't let its proximity to Goblin-town put you off - this Est. I mile isolated natural limestone cavern, whilst dark and cold, makes the perfect refuge for those seeking to get away from it all. An ice-cold lake affords plenty of scope for self-sufficient fishing, and with the nearest neighbours being the goblins some 30 miles hence, noise is at a minimum. Suitable as a weekend bolthole perhaps, properties such as this rarely see the market, so this opportunity is precious. THE PRANCING PONΥ Parlour Sleeping Hobbit Upper Address: Previous Occupants: Commom Room Rooms Floors Barliman Butterbur (landlord), Bree. Room Built Pre Nob & Bob: Private Store ТА2670. Kitchen Dining/ Barliman's Chamber Room Situated in the charming village of Bree, this Archway busy inn has long been popular with travellers along the Great Road and the Greenway. Inn-yard Convenient for the stables and the merchant stalls dotting the main street, it serves good liquor and broth in generous proportions. A cosy parlour with an open fire is another Stables attraction for the clientele, who include men, hobbits and dwarves. Three stories tall, with hobbit-rooms available. Smoking-friendly. Address: Previous Ocupants: Misty Mountains. Elrond and Arwen, "Built Circa SA 1697. Bilbo Baggins, Type - Elven Refuge. Elladan and Elrohir. RIVENDEL L Hall of Fire Set in an excéptionally tranquil and attractive To Upper F Floors location, this homely abode features views across the valleys to the Misty Mounțains, perfect for moments of quiet, reflection. Yet this extensive Elrond's Hall Bell Tower property also features two Great Halls, making it suitable for feasting or event-hosting. Also benefiting from stables, several open fireplaces andy a terrace, in the words of one long-staying guest, this is "a perfect house, whether you like food or. sleep or story-telling or singing, or just sitting and Bilbo's Room thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all." Address: Previous Occupants: Beneath the Misty Durin the Deathless, Numerous dwarven houses, Mountains Buili - Mid to late years The Balrog of Morgoth. of the Trees. MORIA Type - Underground city. (KHAZAD-D ÛM) Caradhras (Redhorn) Redhorn Pass Mithril Lodes Fellowsnp's Path Drift Camp Endless Stairf, Durin's Towir YBattle. of the Peak) Dimrill Stair Warg Attack. Dimrill Gete Mữrrormere Durins Stom Spring Hlollin Road Stream Guardroom "Dimrill Dale Pursuk Gandalf's Three Passages /? Hollin Gate Knol (Gate Sirannon Celebdil (Silvertine) -Fellowship's Path ...... Other Passages Among the grandest and best-known dwarf communities, Moria contains extensive tunnels, immense halls ideal for banqueting, and treasures too many to name. With a rich history steeped for many years in gloom, the resident balrog and ore infestațion has now.been exterminated, ensuring a bright future (or at least as bright as it gets that far underground). Durin's Tower Light Shaft Window Dale Dimrill - Endless Stair Lake7 Silvertine 7th Level Great To Gates Cloudyhead "Abyss To Redhorn Lodes miles Deep Mirrormere Fallso tDöor ** .Well Main Stair Tomb Chamber of Records Falls Door SCamp Zlst Hall North End mile Pool Durin's Chasm | Bridge Gate Znd Häll • o mile Ist Hall Jst Deep Abyss Address: Previous Occupants: West Nan Curunír, southern Various kings and ISENGAR D end of the Misty Mountains. stewards of Gondor, Built - Circa SÀ3320 -SA3430. Saruman the White Type - Fortress. (TA2759 - TA3019). The leafy surroundings of this impressive fortress have been largely restored, and the fortifications removed, Mathedras CThe Last Peak) since falling into neglect and vandalism during Saruman's occupancy. A small, pleasant lake is set amid a new forest. Enclosed within the great stone wall of Isengard is its grand centrepiece, the imposing black tower of Orthanc. Currently under the benevolent stewardship of the Ents. works underground . Watchwood Courtyard king of Isengark Winding Stair Stair Chambers, Guard Room Towers Nan Cununír Gates Towers (Valley of Sanuman) Orthanc Pinnacle Liring Basin Quarter Outlet MINAS TIRITH (THE WHITE CITY) Address: Previou's Occupants: This epic stone fortress has regained much of its lustre Anorien, Northern Gondor. The Dúnedain, Built - SA 3320. and beauty since the War of the Ring. Seven concentric stone walls encircle and protect numerous lodgings (mostly apartments), stables and guesthouses. Points of note for interested parties include the Great Hall, the The Men of Gondor. Type - Fortress. Gandalf and PEppinsy Room the Place of the Fountain, and the White Tower, whịch City Merethrond Kengs--- House houses storerooms and tonferencing facilities High Hallow Place of the Fountain Rammas Echor CH White Tower The Pelennor (Fenced Land) White Tower of Ecthelion Level miles To Docks The King's House Hallows The Citadel The White Tower Danethor's Hidden Chambek Secret Door Shoulder Upper Levels Hill Of Tower Hall Guard Great Gates Worth Door Buttery of Beregond's Company Whether you're after a cosy hobbit-hole, weekend getaway, profitable retirement business or a majestic castle, this extensive portfolio ha aomething to please everyone, Please get in touch to arrange a viewing Sources Presented By Fonstad, K W (1991), The Atlas of Middle-earth [revised edition], Houghton Mifflin Company. Bag End – The Prancing Pony - Rivendell – good to be home Moria - Isengard – Isengard & Orthanc - Minas Anor/Minas Tirith – Gardens Fancurnead)" Silverlode Stables Halls, Citadel The Othram (Lity

The Homes of Middle Earth

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Ever fancied living in Middle Earth? Well here are the homes of Middle Earth as if for sale at an estate agents.


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