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Is Your Home Bug-Free?

Is Your Home Bug-Free? A study has proven there are over 500 arthropod species (insects, spiders or other crawlies) co-existing with us in our homes. Most of the house guest are harmless and avoid human contact. They're either passers-by, have been brought in . 15% 20% Spiders (Arachneae) Earwigs (Dermaptera) Household spider are in your home year- round. Earwigs are the natural pest controllers in human homes, as they eat other bugs. House Flies (Diptera Order) Flies species are more than any other kind of arthropod in households. Moths (Lepidopts Household moths are among the common insects invading households. 23 % 2% Hemiptera (Bees, Wasps, Ants) 15% Other Crawlies 60% Cockroaches (Dlattodol Cockroaches are among the most resilient pests but are barely 3%. Silverfish henismatidaed% of the household bug population Other pests \2% 2% 91% 4% True Bugs (Hemiptera) The group includes bedbugs and the triatomine kissing bugs known to bite people. 1% Acari (Mites & Ticks) The most common of them is the House dust mite. PANTHER PEST CONTROL This infographic was brought to you by Panther Pest Control - Expert bedbugs treatment service. Information sources: insects-in-the-home/#.VroNIXV95D

Is Your Home Bug-Free?

shared by SamHobbsUK on Feb 12
This infographic will show you how many bug species live with you in your own home. Be careful it might make you order professional bug exterminators


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