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From Ying to Yang: The Basics of Feng Shui

From Ying to Yang:0 The Basics of Feng Shui Chi Chi is energy, a constantly moving and changing life force that we feel around us making us feel either good or bad in a certain location. The goal of feng shui is to keep the chi flowing gently throughout your environment, rather than running straight through it. Chi can accumulate in the objects around you, and when it gets stuck or blocked it can have a negative effect on your surroundings. The Five Elements Describing the colours, shapes and textures around you, the five elements are: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each Element is recognised by a characteristic shape, colours, and set of attributes. Feng shui improvements for homes balance all of these Elements in your interior environment. Wood Fire Earth • Rectangle • Triangle • Square • Green • Red • Brown • Teal • Orange • Yellow • Grounding • Stability • Growth • Purple • Expansion • Passion • Emotion Metal Water • Circle • Curvy • White • Black • Metallic • Blue • Strength • Independence • Relaxation • Inspiration The Bagua This is a chart used to map areas of the home and determine where to locate objects and colours that represent the Five Elements. Traditionally the bagua is an octagon with the word 'bagua' meaning '8-sided' in Chinese. FAME / REPUTATION BITTER TASTE LOVE / MARRIAGE SUMMER BETWEEN SEASONS SPRING SE FIRE SW EARTH WIND/ CENTRE HEALTH NE BETWEEN SEASONS METAL WATER KNOWLEDGE / WISDOM NW WINTER SALTY TASTE HELPFUL PEOPLE CAREER / LIFEPATH The bagua is like a map and by aligning it over your floor plan, you learn how to apply it to your dwelling. A simple method of finding out how the bagua applies to your space is to determine where the front door is on your floor plan. If it's to the left of your home or office, then the door will align with the Knowledge & Wisdom section of the bagua map. Whereas if it's to the right of your home or office then the door will align with the Helpful People section, and if the front door is in the centre of your building, then it will align with the Career & Life Path section. From here you will then be able to determine which parts of your home fall under which sections of the bagua. Colours BLUE GREEN YELLOW A good choice for use in the Great for improving health and Using yellow in the South feng North bagua area to create balancing family life when used shui bagua area for happy energy for career growth. in the East feng shui bagua area events and good times. of the home. ORANGE RED WHITE Called the 'social' colour, orange Brings the energy of joy and White used in the West feng shui promotes lively conversations and good times in your home. excitement into the home and bagua will bring energy to invigorates sexual desire. support creative endeavours. Tips The Entrance Birth Elements Take Care The doorway is considered to be Finding out your birth element Care for your home the way you the mouth of chi, where to create a home that nourishes would care for yourself; fix or opportunities come in. Making and supports your energy. Your replace anything that is broken, the doorway inviting with fresh birth element is determined by cracked, rotting or in any state paint, a doormat and plants will the Chinese calendar and gives of disrepair. It is said the outer make coming home an even an insight into your energy world represents the inner world nicer experience, and it is often make up based on the year of so we should play close attention the first impression people get your birth. to it for signs of the state of our when coming to your home. lives. Nature The Trinity Empowered Positions Plants and flowers connect you Pay close attention to the Arrange key pieces of furniture to the natural world and can be so-called feng shui 'trinity' that so that you can see the entrance chosen to correspond to is deeply connected to your when you are sitting or lying on particular elements and areas of health - your bedroom, your them, but not so they are the bagua. bathroom and your kitchen. directly aligned with open doorways. Water Fountains Close Drains Clear the Clutter The flowing energy of water By closing the bathroom door Get rid of anything cluttering up symbolizes cash, as such placing and plugging up sinks and the your house that you do not love. a water fountain near your front bath when not in use it is This will help to lighten the load door can help you prosper. thought you can stop money and create a harmonious home. draining from your life. Open Your Home to Air and Light Music Wind Chimes Music can uplift the chi of an Allow natural light and good Wind sensitive objects such as environment and soothe a quality air to flow into your chimes, mobiles, flags and stressful home or office. house and bring good chi with it. whirligigs attract chi into your environment. Sources GUARDSMAN IN-HOME CARE AND REPAIR Furniture Professionals WEALTH/ PROSPERITY SOUR TASTE SPRING dOOM CHILDREN / CREATIVITY FAMILY METAL SPICY TASTE WOOD FALL EARTH FALL

From Ying to Yang: The Basics of Feng Shui

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Originating in China, the principles of feng shui have been used for thousands of years, governing how people organise their homes. Feng shui is based on the idea that the placement of objects within ...


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