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Women's Independence in Recent Years

Women's Independence and Development Over The Years Finances 7 A 1970 2007 In 1970, only 4% of women were bringing home more income than their husbands did. By 2007, this percentage has increased drastically - 22% of women have a pay check, bigger than their spouse's. The median income of By 2006, just 66% of men of prime working age (25 to 64) young, unmarried urban women in their 20s is now higher than the men's. were employed full-time. Non-working women, by contrast, spend much of their free time in child care and housework. Non-working men spend much of their free time in "leisure activities and sleep." Education Nowadays, there are more girls in schools than there are boys. While the average global university enrollment ratio in 1970 was 160 men per 100 women, today it stands at around 93 men per 100 women. While in the past a woman's status and knowledge were dependable on the man she'd married, this is no longer the case. Around The World And yet.. Although the percentage of women making more money than their husbands, has risen, men can definitely still be called "breadwinners" In Egypt only 10% of managers in big companies are women On the contrary, Botswana is at the top end with 30% of managers being women. In Japan, 93 out ofevery 100 people in top positions are men USA has 80 out of 100 people in powerful positions that are men Еxрerts At Home Professionals HANDYMEN TRADESMEN A recent research shows that women aren't afraid to DIY and feel no guilt in calling a pro to fix something broken. Although the fix-up tasks around a household are usually considered a "man's job", nowadays women are much more willing to try to repair something themselves, rather than wait on a man. powered by Piktochart II make information beautiful

Women's Independence in Recent Years

shared by williambailey0808 on May 04
A Comparison between men and women in 20th and 21st century - household chores, handy works, even paychecks! Information gathered with the help of HandymanLondonPlease.


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