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Wising Up about Winterizing Your Pool

Wising Up about Winterizing Your Pool 6. 6 Steps to Getting Your Pool Winter-Ready 1) Take Out Equipment Remove things you added to your pool, such as a ladder Remove or cover your pumps and heater You want to keep snow and rain away but let air circulate Clean the pool thoroughly, including the sides and bottom 2) Test the Water Use testing strips or let a local pool company test a sample Make any necessary adjustments before adding seasonal chemicals Plan to test the water every 2 to 3 months and adjust if needed Add Winterizing 3) Chemicals Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your kit Allow the chemicals to circulate overnight before proceeding Add stain preventer and phosphate remover if needed Clean the Filter 4) and Pump Backwash the fi lter and remove debris from the pump Blow out the lines and pipes using an air compressor Remove and clean the filter grids on DE filters Store cartridges inside so mice don't get in them 5. Partially Drain the Pool Water should be 6 inches below the skimmer If you have tile, the water should be 4 inches below the tile Do not pump water with chlorine or salt in it into streams or storm system 9. 6) Cover the Pool Choose a mesh or water bag tarp cover Secure the cover with water tubes, not bricks or cinder blocks Solid covers prevent sunlight| from allowing algae to grow Professional Pool Service Prevents Winter Problems %24 Winterizing mistakes can cause costly pool damage The process is time-consuming for a layperson Let a professional close your pool properly A pool pro can evaluate your pool for repair needs Winter is the right time for repairs and renovations You can expect a 10 to 20% discount for work done over the winter Provided by: MILLENNIUM POOL SERVICE Sources:

Wising Up about Winterizing Your Pool

shared by BrittSE on Aug 20
The water in a tile pool should be about 4 inches below the tile when you close it up for the winter! Check out this infographic for more on winterizing your pool.


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