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Winter is Coming - Is Your Furnace Ready?

Winter is Coming IS YOUR FURNACE READY? Winter months bring the big chill-and that means you need your furnace to keep you and your family warm! Most consumers don't know much about their furnace or when it might be time to either fix it or replace it. This infographic helps homeowners understand the most common furnace issues and gives them quick tips on furnace maintenance and repair. UNITED STATES RESIDENTIAL FURNACE FAILURE RATES Every year, U.S. homeowners are subject to failing furnaces. And when it happens on a Friday afternoon, in zero degree weather, you're in trouble. The repair-and getting an expert out on the weekend-can be costly. But most are $335 much higher. 77% The average national furnace repair cost is $335. of furnaces that fail need significant repairs. COMMON FURNACE REPAIRS CRACKED HEAT REPLACEMENT MALFUNCTIONING EXCHANGERS FURNACE FILTER THERMOSTAT $681 $2001 $3,100 68 #1 REASON Cost can range from $10 -$100 depending on the furnace The national average cost of repairing a thermostat is $200 A cracked heat exchanger can cost up to $3,100 to repair WHEN IS IT TIME TO FIX OR REPLACE YOUR FURNACE? It's making strange noises YES Rotten egg smell could indicate a gas leak It's giving off strange smells YES Metal or iron smells could be your furnace motor You're too're too're too're too cold.uneven heating means you need a new furnace YES FIX OR REPLACE Your furnace is old YES Life expectancy of a furnace = 15 to 20 years TOP 10 FURNACE PROBLEMS & WHERE THEY OCCUR Your furnace may need repairs or replacing for a variety of reasons. From a broken thermostat to simply replacing the filters, keeping your furnace running doesn't need to be a mystery. 1 2 CRACKED HEAT EXCHANGER: DIRTY FILTERS: Dirty filters make your furnace work harder. That can lead to A costly expense that could be prevented with regular maintenance. extended damage to the limit switch, and higher energy costs. 3 4 SLIPPED OR FRAYED ELECTRIC IGNITION OR PILOT BLOWER BELT: CONTROL PROBLEMS: A faulty ignition or pilot reduces heat getting into your home. Indicated by a high-pitched squeal. 5 6 MALFUNCTIONING FLICKERING ORYELLOW THERMOSTAT: PILOT LIGHT: 52 Can lead to problems with the fan or comfort levels. This could be a sign of excess carbon monoxide in gas furnaces. 7 8 WORN OUT BALL BEARINGS: FREQUENT CYCLING: ON OFF Indicated by a scraping sound. Turn off the furnace immediately and call an expert. Cycling between "on" and "off" may indicate a clogged filter, improper airflow or a bad thermostat setting. 9. 10 LIMIT SWITCH: GENERAL MECHANICAL PROBLEMS: Indicated by the furnace continually blowing. Professional may be needed for replacement. Loud sounds may indicate a mechanical problem, airflow reductions or a clogged burner. AA Sources: HEATING AND COOLING Infographic designed by Mad Fish Digital Copyright © 2016 AAA Heating and Cooling 503-284-2173

Winter is Coming - Is Your Furnace Ready?

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The most common furnace repairs require that consumers replace cracked heat exchangers, dirty furnace filters, and malfunctioning thermostats. However, most homeowners don’t know when those parts ne...




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