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Why Winter Weather Is No Holiday for Your Roof

Winter Weather WHY IS NO HOLIDAY FOR YOUR ROOF Ia Dams Ice dams form at the edge of the roof when snow melts and later freezes Ice dams are a common cause of roof problems They can also lead to water damage and mold The ice can move under roof shingles and then melt beneath them Clogged gutters and heat that escapes from your attic can cause ice dams Icacles The formation of icicles means that snowmelt isn't properly draining from your roof Icicles can damage your roofing materials and your gutters Falling icicles are a hazard for people and pets Leaky heating ducts, poor insulation, and air leaks can create conditions that lead to icicles Overstress Ice and snow can overstress your roof and cause it to fail Ice dams and rain that follows snow can significantly increase the weight on your roof Sagging ceilings, roof leaks, creaking noises, and cracks in walls can be signs of an overstressed roof Did You Know? One square foot of ice weighs almost 60 lbs. A snowflake forms when water vapor freezes around a particle of pollen or dust How to Protect Your Roof from Winter Weather Clean your gutters Have your roof inspected Remove snow and ice buildup Insulate, ventilate, and air seal your attic MSTE Homestead Rooting .. Provided by: Sources: ac57339debóee839a52b16b0leeee53e/FEMA_Snow_Load_508.pdf FEMA957_Snowload_508.pdf

Why Winter Weather Is No Holiday for Your Roof

shared by BrittSE on Dec 21
Having your roof inspected can help you avoid the dangers of ice and winter weather! Discover other roof protection tips to keep in mind this winter by setting your sights on this infographic.


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