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Which Animals Cause the Most Damage to Your Home and Foundation?

Ohio Basement Systems Which Animals Cause the Most Damage to Your Home? Bears Skunks Rodents Snakes Deer Raccoons Squirrels Groundhogs Chipmunks Pigeons Woodpeckers Bats Vultures Likelihood of damage Skunks If a skunk gets into your crawl space, the smell could last for months, permeating drywall, furnishings, clothes, and appliances like your HVAC system. Rodents Rodents carry disease and can be a health hazard. Mice and rats will build nests in crawl spaces, damage foundations, leave droppings everywhere, and gnaw on anything including walls, electrical wiring, or belongings. If they die in your walls, crawl space, or basement, the decaying carcass will smell and is a potential health issue. Snakes The only thing worse than snakes on a plane is snakes in a crawl space or basement. They could attract damaging predators, and venomous snakes, such as copperheads or rattlers, are an obvious health risk. Raccoons If a raccoon gets into your basement, crawl space, or attic, it will tear up insulation, damage wiring, destroy ducts, and use your house like a latrine. Plus, there's the risk that it carries a disease like rabies. Bears A bear that's regularly been getting into trash cans may try to push its way through a screen door to nab a tasty meal from your kitchen. However, it's rare enough that it'll make the news if it happens. Deer If it's too comfortable around people, a deer could become a nuisance. It could crash through a glass door if it sees its reflection or a fawn could get stuck in a basement. Squirrels A squirrel could get into your home via a gap in your foundation, ductwork, or chimney. It could chew up the siding, damage wires, make a nest of babies in your basement, and spread disease. Chipmunks Gaps in your foundation are an easy way for chipmunks to get into your house and make it their own. They can gnaw into your baseboard, burrow through your walls, and spread bacteria, Lyme disease, and even the plague. Groundhogs Groundhogs like to burrow and can create a network of tunnels below your home that are 45-feet long and five-feet deep. The holes can cause water problems, erosion, and can eventually lead to foundation failure. Pigeons When pigeons build their nests, they can damage your roof and gutters. This could mean you end up with a basement flood because of damaged drainage or rain leaks. Bats Bats won't cause structural damage, but they can use your property as a bathroom, damaging the wood, attracting bugs, causing mold to grow, and transmitting parasites or disease. Woodpeckers If there are insects inside the structure of your home, a woodpecker will treat it like a tree and hammer holes into the siding or shingles. This could lead to a moisture problem the next time it rains. Vultures Vultures are attracted to vinyl and plastic, and a large group can ruin vent seals, window caulking, roof shingles, and pool covers. Plus, the feces can be a health concern. Ohio Source: Basement Systems A Groundworks Company Amount of damage

Which Animals Cause the Most Damage to Your Home and Foundation?

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Wildlife visitors are nice on occasion. It’s when those critters make themselves at home in your home that their presence becomes a problem. Unfortunately, some of the critters native to the Ohio ar...


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