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Where to Hide Spy Cameras

WHERE TO HIDE A SPY CAMERA Where is the best place to hide a spy camera in your home so you can covertly observe and record various activities and protect yourself from threats? BEDROOM Concerned your partner is cheating or a deaner is stealing your money or jewellery from your bedroom? Then you need to collect the evidence without them ever knowing, but where is the best place in the bedroom to install a hidden camera? Bedside Table Most people have some kind of alarm clock next to their bed. Having a mains or battery motion activated spy camera and audio recorder covertly fitted inside one will give you the evidence you need. Recommended Spy Clock Camera System Desk Many electrical items will be naturally be found on a desk, so what better place to place a recording device? Using a motion activated device powered by the mains will allow you to leave your bedroom with the confidence that evidence will be collected effectively. Recommended Iphone Dock Spy Camera System TV Set Many people have a TV in their bedroom, so choosing a device that do esn't look out of place next to or on top of a TV is a great choice as this location on the bedroom covers most angles and has access to a mains socket so you can keep on recording and monitoring. Recommended 3G Compact Camera / DVR LIVING ROOM Monitoring the living room with hidden cameras would allow you to collect evidence about a suspected cheating partner, child or pet abuse, thief or maybe you want to make your own version of Gogglebox. Lamp You could get yourself a table lamp to place on any surface in your living room. This would give you a good view of the room and as it is plugged into the mains will allow for continuous recording. Recommended Table Lamp Camera / DVR Flower or Plant Pot You could put a small camera inside a flower pot or plant so you could position the camera in the best place to capture footage. In this instance you would want a long life battery powered device. Recommended Tiny Black Box Spy Camera TV or Stereo Area For super hidden surveillance solutions No one would suspect an innocent looking AC adaptor wall charger plug to contain a camera. Place this in any socket in the living room and you'll be in business. Recommended Mains Charger Camera with DVR http://sum.dolaeU Dining Room Table or Side Table For a device that wouldn't look out of place in any room and especially for those who love a romantic movie or have a runny nose, placing a functioning tissue box on a table will allow you to move it around to capture footage from different angles. Recommended Tissue Box Camera & DVR Floor or Surface These days most homes have a WiFi router or booster, so having a camera hidden inside would be a good choice for covert recording. Place this on any surface in the dining room without causing suspicion. Recommended Indoor Day/Night WiFi CCTV Camera KITCHEN You might want to put a spy camera in the kitchen maybe to monitor your back door, or a housemate who you suspect stealing from you and you want the evidence to prove it. Wall Many homes come with an alarm system and PIR movement sensors and having one fitted in the kitchen is the norm. However, rarely do they benefit from having a hidden camera installed with the power to record HD quality footage. Recommended HD PIR Camera Ceiling Every household has at least one smoke detector fitted, so why not combine yours with a hidden camera so you could record and monitor the "goings on" in your kitchen anywhere in the world via your mobile phone or tablet. Recommended 3G Smoke Detector Cam / DVR Cupboard or Work Surface We want a bit of music whilst we get down to a little cookery magic in the kitchen. So what better way than to have a spy camera installed into a device that sits inconspicuously on any cupboard or work surface and is powered by the mains. Recommended DAB Radio WiFi Spy Camera Boiler If your boiler is located in the kitchen then you know you should have a carbon monoxide alarm located nearby. Hiding a camera inside this device would arise suspicions as it can be plugged into the mains and use WiFi to transmit video to wherever you are in the world and record. Recommended Carbon Monoxide Alarm WiFi Camera OUTDOOR Having a good quality camera fitted on the outside of your building both deters criminals and allows you to collect a wide spread of footage. There are a variety of outdoor cameras available to suit a variety of circumstances and needs. Shed Is volorent. Ihit atisimi liciet quidunt fugit hicae nis mo ma vendeli tatemporror solupit atusci quis re rat imusam audam fuga. Nemporit ut inctendest quid quosae consecatios alitisque et faccuptae sum alit, quatist. Recommended Spy Pod Outd oor Security Camera Hedge Suspect that your builders are cowboys, or your wall is being graffitied and want to catch the culprit but have limited options for where to hide a camera? A camoflaged outdoor wireless camera is just the ticket. Recommended HD MMS/Email Outdoor/Game Camera Building Overtly monitoring the outside of your building with waterproof, WiFi CCTV cameras will both act as a detorant for burglers and give you piece of mind as you can remotely monitor from your mobile, laptop or tablet wherever you are in the world. Recommended Outdoor Infrared WiFi CCTV Camera Car Monitoring your car or motorbike at home will give you piece of mind whilst you sleep or are out. If someone crashes into your car and drives off, then you have the evidence you need. You can even speak through the camera speaker to anyone who goes near your car or motorbike wherever you are! Recommended Sentry Spy Lamp If you are wanting to monitor and record in a variety of different places then a wireless micro camera with receiver/recorder would be the perfect solution for every situation as you then have the power to hide this small device wherever most effective for your needs. Recommended Wireless with Receiver/Recorder Infographic produced by: SPÝ EQUIPMENT UK Design by Media Street |

Where to Hide Spy Cameras

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Discover where the best places to hide a spy camera are in your home to collect the evidence you need. Whether you suspect a housemate of stealing your food and want to prove it or if you are unsur...


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