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Where Does Las Vegas Get Its Water?

LAS VEGAS WHERE DO we GeT OUR WATER? And are we running out? Lake Mead Provides 90% of our Water. Las Vegas Sun reports that Lake Mead could run DRY by 2021 The Economist reports Lake Mead is only 40% full: and decreasing. Lake Mead Ground Water VS 90% of our water- Ground water accounts for the rest of our water... also did you know most casinos - use their own aquifers to supply water? So where does Lake Mead get its water from? 0.1% Muddy River 1.45% 1.38% Las Vegas Wash Virgin River Colorodo River 97.08% How to Save Water! A-few steps you can take... At Plumbtech Plumbing, we highly recommend finding and fixing ieaks, even a small leak can waste gallons of water! Also consider using your dishwasher vs handwashing, more often than not you're actually saving water (and time!). Turn off the faucet at the sink when brushing your teeth and you don't need it on, and consider- showering with a loved one, even though he/she takes all the room!- Sources Las Vegas Sun - ( The Economist - ( Las Vegas Wash - Las Vegas Valley Water District - ( : We hope you enjoyed this resource, if you're local to Las Vegas and need any help finding and fixing a leak, or anything else plumbing related, give us a call or visit us at PLUMBTSON PLUMBING PID

Where Does Las Vegas Get Its Water?

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Living in Las Vegas as a plumber for almost 30 years, I know a little bit about water. Sources like the Las Vegas Sun are saying our main water source (I won’t spoil it, see the infographic below!) ...




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