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What's In Your Toolbox?

WHAT'S IN YOUR TOOLBOX? Putting together a toolbox is a right of passage for those inclined to fix or break things. Most of us have started with the basics, but as our interests and skills have grown, so too did the variety and specialization of the tools we need. In the graphic below we layout the basics as well as the top tools needed for a variety of interests. THE 10 BASICS HAMMER LEATHERMAN VISE- GRIPS For when you need to get a grip. UTILITY KNIFE SCREWDRIVER AND BITS The tool box in your E pocket. One driver to rule them all. It hits nails and does Go all Jack the Ripper - on those boxes so much more. HACKSAW LEVEL AND RULER MEASURING TAPE ALLEN KEYS WD-40 AND DUCT TAPE Does it move? Is it This makes things Trust the bubble. Measure twice, cut Because Ikea hates shorter. not your eyes. once. supposed to? you. THE DRONE HOBBIEST SPUDGER MAGNETIC PROJECT MAT TORX DRIVER SET This piece of anti-static plastic can be safely used to poke, pry, or spudge anything. Small parts like to dissapear. This will keep them all Electronics just love this 6-sid- ed star shaped screw head. Don't forget the security Torx. organized and at hand. THE HOUSEHOLD PLUMBER PROPANE TORCH BASIN WRENCH HAND AUGER "Fire and water? If you are working with copper pipes you need a way to bend them at Pipe wrenches are fine when you have the space to operate It's not a ray gun. It is the first tool used for clearing a drain when the plunger won't cut it. them. This does not include will. some of the tight spaces under the sink, where you'll need the one-hand ratcheting action of this wrench. THE PICTURE FRAMER ADJUSTABLE CLAMPS MITRE SAW GLASS CUTTER Joining wood at right angles requires precision, pressure, and patience. This will do all three. If its not a right angle, its a wrong angle. This is the tool to make those cuts perfect every I Well its more of a glass scratch- er. But with a little pressure the glass will break where you mark it. time. THE GUNSMITH BULLET PULLER GUN VISE LEATHERMAN MUT It doesn't really pull anything, but a solid whack will separate This isn't the movies soldier. Any cleaning, repairing, sight- ing or modifcations are best done with the gun in a gun vise. For firearm maintenance done on the fly, there is no better the bullet from the shell if it tool. doesn't look right. THE BICYCLIST CHAIN LUBE "Off the chain" is not a good MULTIFUNCTION BIKE TOOL Space is premium on a bike, this tool box will fit in your pocket. PEDAL WRENCH Pedals can be difficult to take thing for a bicyclist. Chain lube will keep things running smoothly. off. Unless you have the required leverage a pedal wrench can provide. THE GOLFER BALL RETRIEVER DIVOT TOOL CLUB GROOVE TOOL If your ball is in the water, you The lines on the head of a golf club help increase the backspin. This tool will help you get your groove back if they get dull. Golfers leave marks. This tool will either need hip waders or a ball retriever. can 'repair' divots left on those immaculate greens. fountain @ASKFOUNTAIN

What's In Your Toolbox?

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Putting together a toolbox is a rite of passage for those inclined to fix or break things. Most of us have started with the basics, but as our interests and skills have grown, so too did the variety a...


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