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What's Inside Your Fuse Box?

What's Inside My Consumer Unit? It's important to understand what's inside your fuse box, to see if it needs updating to current UK standards, if something has triggered a fault or to know if you have an RCD installed. Make sure your consumer unit is up to the current safety standards to avoid any electrical hazards. As of January 2016, all new consumer unit (fuse box) installations must be metal clad or inside a metal clad enclosure, to meet the Wiring Regulations. This change has been made as a request of London Fire Brigade, because of the increase of home fires involving combustible consumer units. If you are getting work done before that date, make sure yours meets 1 Every fuse box should tell you when the last inspection took place and when the next one is due, to adhere to the Wiring Regulations the current UK standards. 2 12 10 9 14 13 21 NA THIS WAY THIS WAY TO FIT TPHTO FIT TPH THIS WY TO FIT TP -hagerhagerhager hager hagerhagerhager hager teg ager 5 nas WAYD0S WAY TO PIT GUTO FIT CU THES WAY TO FT CU 4 4 3 The RCD (Residual Current Device) is one of the most important elements in your fuse box. It will prevent you from getting a fatal shock if you touch something live and cuts the power if there is a surge. Press the button next to it once a month to test it's still functional. The ON/OFF switch for the fuse box, allowing you to control and isolate the electricity supply to your home. 4 There are multiple circuit breakers, one for each circuit in your house. They prevent circuit overloads/surges by automatically switching off. If they trip, make sure you get an electrician out to correct the fault and then reset the switch. The purpose of a circuit breaker is to prevent from fires and to save lives. of the public don't know EC4U what an RCD is! ELECTRICIAN COURSES 4U

What's Inside Your Fuse Box?

shared by EC4U on Jul 30
Use this guide to learn the ins and the outs of your consumer unit/fuse box.


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