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What You (Might Not) Want To Know about Mice & Rats

What You (Might Not) Want To Know About MICE & RATS Break-in Artists Mice and rats invade houses to escape the cold weather. Common entry points: O Vents e Sewer and drain pipes Garages Cracks in doors Bwindows Mice Rats can enter can enter through openings 4 inch through opening as small as wide. 34 inch. 0.25 inch 0.75 inch Rats can jump 2 feet high and 4 feet to the side. Mice can jump 1 foot high. Rat Foct 1 Mice Rats can swim underwater for O 30 seconds - long enough to enter through the water traps of drains and toilets. Savvy Scavengers Rats venture up to 300 feet away from their nests to find food and water. Mice will venture up to 33 feet from their nests. Mice and rats eat just about everything - even insects and tree bark. Mice and rats sharpen their teeth on metal, wood, glass, plastic and rock. Population Explosion A female mouse can produce 10 to 12 pups each month. After only two months, each of her female pups can start reproducing. 1 Day 1 Month 4 Months Disease Carriers Mice and rats can transmit diseases through their urine, feces or dead carcasses. X Hantavirus X Salmonellosis X Leptospirosis X Tularemia X Lyme disease Is it a mouse or a rat? MOUSE RAT Up to 3.5 inches long Up to 9.5 inches long with a 6- to 8-inch tail (adults) Small head and feet •. Large head and feet (even when young) Weighs less than 1 ounce • • Weighs up to 1 pound Pointed snout • Blunt or pointed snout Large ears • Small ears Connor'S PROTECTING YOU FROM PESTS SINCE 1944. (703) 321-0400 CONNORSPEST.COM Connor's Pest Protection is the pest control leader in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. We also serve West Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware and New Jersey.

What You (Might Not) Want To Know about Mice & Rats

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Mice and rats are survival experts, easily breaking in through the tiniest holes to nest, find food and reproduce. See what makes these problem rodents so successful. The answers may surprise you. ...




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