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What Women Really Want

WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT 74% of women say the most sexy trait in a partner is an aptitude for DIY. Please your partner with these tools. Cordless Drill Screwdrivers Vise Grip Drain Snake Hammer Measuring Tape Make her happy by learning how to solve these common household problems: Clogged Drain We all despise a slow drain. Yes, we pretend for a few days that it will magically go away but there eventually comes a time when that drain just has to be cleaned. Usually a little Drano will do the trick, but for those really pesky clogs a drain snake never fails to impress. Constant Running Toilets Toilet flushing just fine but wont stop running water through the bowl? All that noise can keep you up at night and crimp anyone's style. Fortunately, it's usually not too difficult or expensive to repair a toilet if you know a bit about how they work. Faucet Repair and Installations A dripping faucet is one of the most common household wastes a ton of water and can lead to pricey bills. But, more importantly, it drives the ladies nuts. Most of the time faucets are easily fixed. Washer and Dryer Repair We never really realize how much we rely on these machines until they break down. Learning a little about maintenance and basic repair of large appliances could save you lots of money - not to mention really impress your significant other. 00 Kitchen Cabinets Installing or refinishing cabinets is the number one thing that women who we surveyed said would win their significant other the most "points". While this job can be a little more complex than other projects, it will definitely be worth the work. What celebrity handyman do women find more attractive? Ty Pennington Jesse James Al Borland Tim Taylor Hank Hill Bob Vila 37% 20% 19% 18% 6% 1% Forget the flashy cars and expensive restaurants, what women really want is a guy who can fix things around the house. There are a million different projects that you can come across. Fortunately, has a repair center that can help you get all of the projects done in no time. CReplacementParts .com

What Women Really Want

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If you’re married, you already know that women love a man who can fix things. If you’re single, you should buy some tools. There’s a reason why as soon as you cross one thing off of your do-it-...


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